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  • Hmm, I’m not sure how this plugin would work on your home page. It’s designed to translate individual posts, pages, or comments, but not excerpts. I see that you’re using another translation plugin in the sidebar too.

    Where would you put the [Translate] button? In the sidebar?

    I was wondering if there was a hack to allow the translate button to appear in the sidebar(s)

    My front page (theme) is nothing more than sidebars all over the place, it works well in the posts and comments

    EXCEPT — I used the “automatic upgrade” two nights ago and lost the entire blog (well the theme disappeared except the header) won’t do that again

    Any suggestions as to how to include the sidebar function in the AJAX?

    I was looking at the code, and after what happened with the auto upgrade (still have not upgraded, installed it again reverting to the original) — thoughts?

    Here’s the url if you would like a quick look see

    Ignore the Google Translate buttons on the “front-page/sidebar set-up) and select a post, and it translates well, translates the comments too.


    I’ve considered adding a sidebar widget for translation but I haven’t worked on it at all yet. Since front pages can be very long it could take a long time to translate an entire page but it would be possible.

    There isn’t really any hack I can tell you.

    Just saw you up on the site (was doing security updates

    Well, the front page is made up of maybe 6 “sidebars” each containing a widget — I saw all the function calles in the AJAX I was just wondering is if it would be that easy to create another

    I follow waht you are saying about “length” but some of my posts are rather lenghty and that does well

    Just a thought, I wonder if there is a way to install translation on the feeds?


    The other option that I could think of is using the code provided by Google here in a text widget:

    Thanks for your suggestions, monodistortion. I’ve got two plugins because I have been trying to decide which I prefer. The one in the sidebar does work for the static home page. I think I like the idea of having the translate ability inside the post or page best.

    Now I’m thinking I could use the widget Logic plugin to make the translator widget show up in the home page sidebar, but not in the other pages, which would have your Translate option.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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