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    I have created tags and tag groups (premium feature), but I would like the tag groups to show up on the sidebar (right now, it’s just a big list of all the tags).

    It would be great if the tag group name appeared above the list of tags in that group.

    Can I do that?

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    Hi parksinsd,

    Tag groups will not appear in the sidebar (they exist more for backend organization). Tags will only appear as a single list.

    You can, however, use custom fields in this manner (and set have them appear as their own sections in the sidebar).

    If you need further guidance with custom fields, feel free to let us know 🙂
    Note: if you can send along a few examples of your current tag groups, we can give examples of how you can apply them as custom fields instead.

    I think it would be very nice if the tags had an option to appear in tag groups on the sidebar… maybe for a future update? 🙂

    Further guidance would be very helpful, thank you. I am creating a database of local parks. Side note: can products be in more than one custom field? If I check multiple custom fields, it appears that they show up in a search for that custom field, but when I go back into the product, only one box is checked.

    Any who, here is a link to my current catalog (it’s not yet live… I’m testing it):

    Here is an example of my playground tags (I have 100 total)… a park can have only a few of these features or many of them:

    ADA Playground
    Climbing Dome
    Climbing Rocks
    Climbing Structure
    Climbing Tree
    Climbing Wall
    Monkey Bars
    Music Elements
    NO Playground
    Rubber Ground
    Slide – Big
    Slide – Medium
    Slide – Small
    Slide – Tunnel
    Slides – Roller
    Splash Pad
    Spring Bouncers
    Swings – ADA
    Swings – Baby
    Swings – Group
    Swings – Regular
    Swings – Tandem
    Swings – Tire
    Tot Lot

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    Hello @parksinsd,

    Tag groups were designed for backend organization only; we don’t ever see ourselves developing an option to make it visible on the frontend.

    A product can definitely belong to more than one Custom Field. You can check out this YouTube tutorial on how create Custom Fields and associate a product to them:

    An example in your case would be:

    Slide – Big
    Slide – Medium
    Slide – Small
    Slide – Tunnel
    Slides – Roller

    Create a Custom Field:

    • Name: Slide
    • Type: Checkbox
    • Provide it some input values (Small,Medium,Tunnel,Roller)
    • Display: All
    • Searchable: Yes
    • Control type: Checkbox

    From there, update all your products that have a slide by assigning them their respective slide value(s) (small,medium,tunnel,etc.).

    Thanks for the tips!

    Plugin Contributor EtoileWebDesign


    You’re welcome 🙂

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