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  • An update: I went into the php file and made it work myself. But I do have another question: For some reason, when in the lightbox, it’s giving an image count nearly 4 times as high as the actual image count. When you cycle through the images, it keeps showing one image around 4 times a piece.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Can you send me an url so I can see the problem online ? Also, send me your code change. I’ll may include it in next version.

    It’s actually an intranet site (so I can’t link to it), but I figured out what was causing the issue. The way I had the subtitles setup was creating extra lightbox links, thus adding more images to the overall lightbox gallery.

    As for the code, I put it over at pastebin. Word of warning: It’s pretty ghetto’d up and I made it basically work for one instance only. I had to remove anything but lightbox (in order to correct that linking issue previously) – so it’s really designed with having only ONE gallery in mind. In the process, it also broke a few things but the plugin still generally works for our purposes in it’s current state.

    If you can figure out a way to make it customizable with the plugin, that’d be sweet.

    PHP File (My only main change is on line 298. I also removed the link setup almost immediately above it):

    CSS Modifications:

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Could you try the development version (1.3.1b1) available here and tell me how it works ?

    Just went and installed it. Seems to work pretty well! Only update I had to perform was to give the .fg_thumbnail a fixed width (13% for me) so that everything would line up in a grid.

    Of course, this caused some of the subtitles (in this case, our employees’ names) to drop to two lines – but it still works great. Thanks for the quick turnaround – you’re awesome!

    Plugin Author vjalby


    I’ve updated the development version (same link) to 1.3.1b2.
    fg_thumbnail has now a fixed (calculated) width and I’ve introduce a new subtitle format (smartfilename) that you may find useful.

    Tell me how it works.


    Went ahead and updated to it, still pretty awesome – although just a small problem (mainly for me).

    On the last build, I removed the <br style=”clear: both” /> on both line 335 and line 340 to accommodate for my search filter. ( is what I use)

    When I removed it this time, a few of the items misalign (such as a the first image moving to its own line, etc). Last time, it simply kept everything in line.

    The purpose of removing those
    ‘s is to line up images correctly as they are filtered down. So if you’re searching for “Mark” and there are two Marks on two separate lines, they would actually be bumped up next to each other when all the other thumbnails were hidden.

    As I mentioned, this worked upon removal last time – so I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it to not work now.

    Otherwise, everything seem to be working great. Not sure if its my filenames or not, but what exactly does the smartfilename do?

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Instead of modifying the folder gallery code, you should try the shortcode attribute (or global settings) columns=0. This will remove all br clear:both and jsquery-sieve will works as expected with the following code :

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    jQuery(“div.fg_gallery”).sieve({ itemSelector: “div.fg_thumbnail” });

    Tell me.

    I went and setup everything for columns=0 and now the jquery-sieve works, but it seems to still be dropping items to the next line. From the looks of it, it’s only on lines where there’s someone who has a name that drops to two lines.

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Can you send me a screenshot ? (mail address in the copyright section of foldergalley.php)

    Just sent the email, thanks!

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