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  • I wan’t my navigation to look like this:

    Parent category
    – Child
    – Child
    – Child

    But I don’t success doing this. Does anyone know how to do the magic?

    // Emil

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  • The best way to do anything like this is to look at the source, or even better, the DOM-inspector in Firefox. The DOM-inspector allows you to point at an element and see the structure of the nested classes/id’s. In your case, a child will probably look like this:

    #sidebar ul li ul li ul li

    meaning sidebar -> list (all sidebar sections) -> list-item (one sidebar section) -> ul (categories) -> li (category) -> ul (subcategories) -> li (subcategory).

    In style.css, give this tag a small left margin:
    `#sidebar ul li ul li ul li {
    margin-left : 1em;

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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