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  • Hi All,
    I’ve just started to work with WordPress and trying to create a Micro-Blogging Site like twitter. I’ve installed P2 theme. It’s working fine.we can post our statuses like tweets and all.

    Now the problem where I am stuck is that:-

    As soon as any user logs into the site( I am running it on my localhost and had created users on my own from backend) he/she can see all the posts and tweets of all other users.

    So I tried to make few groups and assign several users to each of the groups.
    Since I am totally new to WP I searched for may plugins which can allow me to create group and assign members , So that the user from a particular group can see the posts and tweets of the users of that same group.

    But I am unable to find out any such plugin(or it might be that I am unable to use the plugins which I found through googling around).

    So please can anyone help me to get around this problem.

    I would really appreciate any kind of help.


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  • I think you’re asking too much from the system as it is. Groups as such are not part of WordPress or P2 which makes it difficult to filter posts by user groups.

    You could try and install a WordPress network in which you’d run several instances of P2. All users would be registered on the network, but only certain users would have access to certain P2 instances.

    So you’d have and users 1 and 2 could read and post to it, and which can only be accessed by users 3 and 4. User 5 however may have access to both sites.

    Thanks Jay for your suggestions. I was able to solve the above discussed problem.
    However I had to move on from p2 theme and I used the buddypress plugin which fulfilled all mine requirements.
    This link provides all the details about the solution.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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