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  • Hey 🙂

    My title might not be the best one for this, but I didn’t really know how to call it.

    What I’m looking for is something where I can display… let’s call it variable content.

    For example, let’s say I want to build a website for car parts.
    Now I have a list of cars. First I select “BMW”. Next I choose the model, for example 5-series.
    And now I want to display a page with information for that exact model.

    That’s the one thing. The other thing is: The structure of every detail page is the same, just the information varies. Is it possible to create like a variable page, where I can just put content into fields or something and it just displays the content for the right filters?

    I’m asking that because otherwise I’ll have to create a page for each model of each car brand I offer parts for, which would be a lot of work, while they’d all be the same and just contain different text.

    Thank y’all for the help 🙂

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