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    Hi, awesome plugin, does anyone knows if is possible with this plugin to display advanced custom fields values with template in a separate way.

    With catlist shortcode only works perfect, but i need it in a lpc template; i only could get the values but all of them together and outside the

    ive test and search a lot about this but couldn’t find the answer

    i could get the values using in template:

    $lcp_display_output .= the_field('mynamefield');

    im using a template that is pulled from shortcode[catlist tags="tag1+tag2" numberposts=10 thumbnail=yes template=cstom]
    The custom template (based on default) have a config to display posts in a three column responsive way, which works perfectly, but in the column where is supossed to display the customfield, it is not display it there, it is displayed at the top with all the values together just before the UL!

    this is how it looks in html

    <div class="mytheme">My bunch of values<ul class="lcp_catlist"><li><div class="mycustomlist...

    Why the values are outside the sequence (before ul and not after <li> like all the other content.

    is there a way to display each one in the list of posts template ( //Start a List Item for each post:)

    Thanks if Fernando or anyone could help

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  • ok, i solve it, the problem was not lcp, it was my acf code, i have to use “get_field”, not “the_field”
    great job fernando, this is one of the best plugins ever

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