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  • Here’s what I’m looking to do. We have a number of posts organized by categories and want to display a list of links (blogroll) in the sidebar of each post that is associated with that post’s category and changes dynamically, not manually. The scenario is that each post is a trip and we need to have the appropriate equipment lists associated with the post by category.

    I realize that I could create a sidebar per category, add the links list by category, and then associate that with each post (or via template) but I with 100+ posts on the site, I was hoping to find something more automated than having to go into each post to select a sidebar or template.

    So, we have posts with the following categories: category A, category B etc. and equipment lists for category A, B, etc.

    I want to associate an equipment list with a post category, but not assign it to the category since trips are listed by category on the site and I wouldn’t want equipment lists showing up in the trip list.

    Is there a way to do a double category selection? So trip lists would be = Category A AND (not equal) Equipment List? Or a links widget that would let me list links that are = current post category AND category = Equipment List?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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