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    We recently changed our client from Event Calendar Pro to Events Manager for their event management , and have been really impressed. You can see the events section of the website at

    However there’s one issue we’ve come up against. We need a placeholder for displaying the frequency and end date on single event pages. (#_EVENTDATES only shows the date for each single event, rather than the actual recurring event.) For example our sister site is still on Event Calendar Pro, people can see the event goes “Every day until January 19, 2013”

    To give you an idea of how big the site is last month we had almost 140,000 visitors to the site and it’s constantly growing, so advertising revenue is very important and we’ve had a couple of advertisers complaining that it’s not clear to people that their event goes for a couple of weeks etc. So we need to fix this asap.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. Whether it’s giving an actual solution or pointing us in the right direction so we can solve it ourselves.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • hi,

    have you tried custom date/time formatting at

    Hi agelon,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried it, but unfortunately that still just shows the single event dates, rather than the length and frequency of the recurring event.

    So for example if there’s an event that runs daily for 3 weeks. I use this code #j #M #Y #@_{ \u\n\t\i\l j M Y and it says 4 Jan 2013 until 5 Jan 2013. But the event actually goes until 25th Jan. So the end date for the recurring event does not display. And I want to tell users whether it runs daily or weekly or monthly etc.

    E.g. I want the single event to say the time and date that it’s on like it does, but to have another field that says “Event runs daily until 25th Jan

    I don’t want to confuse things more, but there are actually 2 issues here. All recurring events appear as if it’s over two days instead of 1. e.g. 4 Jan 2013 until 5 Jan 2013, when it should only say 4 Jan 2013 for that event. This happens whether I use #_EVENTDATES or the custom date/time formatting. Any suggestions to prevent that from happening?

    Does that all make sense or have I confused things more?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I think I understand, but I think you’re confused 🙂

    Chances are each daily event lasts 1 day (e.g. try editing that single event), I’m guessing you’re trying to show the dates for the recurring event.

    In that case you may want to add date information about your recurrence within the event description rather than rely on the placeholders because they are showing info for each recurrence, not the whole set.

    Thanks for the response Marcus…Yes, you are correct, I want two separate lots of details:
    – The date for the recurrence (which should only be one day not two like it is showing at the moment)
    – The end date for the whole set and frequency (e.g. daily or weekly).

    It’s just that it’s a community events so anyone can submit events, and they often won’t include it in the description even if we tell them too. We want to make it as babyproof as possible 🙂

    I understand the placeholders don’t allow this at the moment, but I wonder how hard would it be to write a custom placeholder to display this information. The information I presume is in the database in the same way as the event dates, so it should be just about writing another placeholder that pulls this information from the database. Am I correct in assuming this. If so can you please point me in the right direction for creating a custom placeholder to pull this information.

    What file are the placeholders created in, I could possibly copy one of those and change it to get the right info?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Yes, you could do that indeed without hacking core code, we have a tutorial for it too –

    Ok, so I think I’m not far off, all that’s confusing me is that I can’t find where the recurring event end date is stored in the database.
    I’ve tried echo $EM_Event->event_end_date; but that just seems to take the event_start_date and then adds the number of days from the section “Each event lasts X day(s)” in the recurring events admin section.

    For illustration see this image:

    My biggest confusion is the fact that it is stored correctly in the wp_em_events table in the database as ‘event_end_date’, and in the admin panel it is calling it using the same value ‘event_end_date’, which works correctly. So why does it not work correctly when you use echo $EM_Event->event_end_date; in the event-single.php. Also of note…the end date placeholder is causing the same problem.

    Any more help would be hugely appreciated.

    Can anybody help with this? Sorry I don’t mean to be pushy, but we really do need a solution to this as soon as possible. Happy to pay if that’s what it takes.


    Plugin Author Marcus


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