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    I’ve switched from AEC to AIO Calendar and have it set up in one of my websites. It looks great so far. My question concerns one of my other websites (<>). I still haven’t switched over because on the un-switched site, I have the AEC displayed as what they call a ‘mini’ calendar in a sidebar.

    Is a mini format even possible with AIO Calendar? I possibly could take the calendar from a mini format to a full page format, but I would much prefer NOT to do that.

    Any help/guidance appreciated.

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  • Richard


    Hi davejampole,

    The good news is that the mini calendar date picker will be available in the new 1.9 release (to be released soon!) However, this is only available in the regular calendar view, NOT in the sidebar.

    However, as you may know, we do have an Upcoming Events widget. Once the calendar is installed, the Upcoming Events widget will appear as an option from the WP dashboard Appearance > Widgets.

    I hope this helps.


    Thanks for your reply. I studied reading in college, but I must have missed a lesson or two in ‘understanding’.

    Are you saying that the new 1.9 release will have a mini calendar option? I assume that when you say it ‘is only available in the regular view’, you’re saying on a PAGE. I’m not understanding the logic of being able to place a mini calendar on a PAGE but not a sidebar.

    Third point of confusion: I understand the phrase ‘Upcoming Events widget’ but I’m afraid what I understand that to mean may not be what you mean.

    Please help me understand what I’ll have available to me once 1.9 is released.


    Dave Jampole



    Hi davejampole,

    Yes, you have a good question about the mini calendar option being only available on the page. This is because the mini calendar view is more of a date picker which enables users to jump to a certain date, as opposed to having to scroll through events (as is the case at present.) Furthermore, the mini calendar will only be visible when the user clicks on the mini calendar icon, as opposed to being constantly expanded. See here for a sneak preview: In other words, it looks like the functionality of the new mini calendar is not the functionality of the sidebar mini calendar you desire.

    As for the Upcoming Events widget, please go to Appearance > Widgets and search for this and you will see what I mean. It is a sidebar version of the Ai1EC. For an example of this, see some of the example sites on, such as

    The Upcoming Events widget is also available in the 1.8 versions of Ai1EC.


    I’m not married to the sidebar mini-calendar, but that’s what I started with and that’s my ‘comfort zone’, however I like what’s on the Ver 1.9 demo.

    Since I plan to include both holidays and the dates on which to fly the flag in the list, I have to figure out how keep the right sidebar from getting too long.

    Sign me up for Ver 1.9 when it’s ready! There are a lot of options there, for sure.

    Dave Jampole



    With regards to the length of the Calendar and Upcoming Events Widget, the length can be restricted to a pre-determined number of events from the settings page.

    Glad you’re looking forward to 1.9. We are too!

    Just ran into two ‘issues’ with using Upcoming Events.

    1. It would be nice if ‘Number of Events’ included more options (one month, two months, etc., or maybe ‘Jan’, ‘Feb’, etc.) in addition to just numbers.

    2. The content extends beyond the width of the frame AND the justification looks kinda’ crappy. display image



    For #1: I have added this to our New Feature Suggestions list. I cannot promise this will be incorporated into future releases, but the more users who request a feature, the more likely it will be added. So we appreciate you taking the time to give this feedback.

    For #2: This should not be happening. Please can you provide a link to your site? We should then be able to tell you how to fix this.


    #1 = come on users, send in your request on this!!

    #2 –, left side.

    And thanks for considering #1 and for looking at #2.

    Some more issues:

    Some events (Christmas Day) will accept ‘All day’ and blank out the start and end time, and that’s correct. Other events (New Years Day) will not accept ‘All Day’ and I have to enter a start and end time.

    Also, when I enter an event (Christmas Day, New Years Day, etc.) that repeat forever, they show multiple times in the Upcoming Events. Displaying once is enough.


    You said in a previous comment that the Upcoming Events Widget could be restricted to a specific number of events. While I can see a use for that feature, I would also like to have the ability to set the length of time to be displayed in the widget (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.). To me, that makes more sense than the number of events.

    Having the ability to set the length of time in the Upcoming Events Widget would allow a person the select ‘1 year’ and, if we’re lucky, the year would be a rolling year. This would be a very nice option.

    Just resolved this issue:

    2. The content extends beyond the width of the frame AND the justification looks kinda’ crappy.

    In the style.css file for my theme, I just widened the left widget area. Sometimes it pays to let a supposedly unsolveable issue ferment for a few days and then a solution becomes quite clear.



    RE: Content extending outside the border – nice self support.

    RE: New Years Day – I have not heard of that issue. Can you email your login details to and copy and remind us of the details, then we can take a closer look at why this is happening for you specifically.

    RE: Upcoming Events Widget – limiting this by time has been added to our “New Feature Request” list. However, you are one of the first users to request this, so it is quite far down the priority list, although I do think it is a nice idea.

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