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    Quick question – assuming a member is logged in, can I add the shortcode for a profile form to any page other than the default user page?

    I use https://***** to view the main profile form thatI’ve set up, but then I’ve created a different profile form that I’d like to display on another page. I’ve added the form shortcode to the page, and I’ve tried setting that page as the User page in UM settings. Still no joy. I’ve even tried reducing the form to just a content block.

    If this isn’t possible for some reason, can anyone suggest a simple way to display some UM custom fields on an ordinary page?


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  • petebm


    In case it’s of any help, here’s the code for the page in question; profile form 2323 is the new one I’d like to show, form 665 is the one that displays quite happily on the /user/?profiletab=main&um_action=view page; neither of them show up on the new ‘normal’ page.


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    Hi @petebm,

    Can you please clarify why do you use /user/?profiletab=main&um_action=view page ?
    Do you use unique profile forms for different user roles? In this case, you have to add profile forms for all user roles to your page.
    Please attach a screenshot of your page with the shortcode.


    Hi @ultimatemembersupport

    Many thanks for your response – your time is appreciated.

    I use /user/?profiletab=main&um_action=view as that seems the best way to achieve what I want, which is to merely display the user’s information. We keep membership records for our Club in a separate system, updated by our membership secretary; the profile page is for the member’s information only & we don’t want him/her to be able to edit it; we also don’t want the rest of the page (profile picture, other tabs, etc) that accompany the default profile page. This screenshot shows the sort of thing we want.
    We boringly only have one user role (subscriber) and the profile forms aren’t restricted by role.

    All I would like to do is to be able to show a profile form, like the one in the screenshot, on a new page – eg a separate renewals page – just by adding the shortcode for it.

    I hope that clarifies things, & that I’m not asking a stupid question

    All the best

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    Hi again

    I would still like to know if you can display a user’s profile on any ‘normal’ page, but your mention of different roles has made me think of a way around my problem.

    We have ‘Requires admin approval’ set, so that anyone filling in an application form can then be directed to a subscriber (default role) profile form asking them to check the details they’ve submitted and make the correct payment. Once paid up and approved, when they login in the future for, say, renewal, they can get a different profile as members; assuming I make the introductory text I’d want on each ‘page’ part of the profile form, it would look as though they were in fact accessing a different page.

    You’re probably sitting there thinking ‘Well, of course – that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway’ . . .

    Edit: except I’ve just discovered that the roles available for limiting access to forms are the default WP ones – restricting to Member is not possible!

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    • This reply was modified 2 months, 4 weeks ago by  petebm.

    Sorry to keep up a running commentary on this, but I prefer to carry on trying to find a solution to problems . . .

    Since the Ultimate Member ‘Member’ role isn’t available in WP, I used the User Role Editor plugin to create a new role, which was then available both in WP and in UM, so I can restrict the new profile to that role.

    I’d still like to be able to add the UM profile shortcode to ‘normal’ pages, though . . .

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