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  • Hi, I posted here a few weeks ago with some display issues and didn’t get much of a response. Have now fixed them but come up against a different problem.
    Site displays fine in Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape, but in IE the right sidebar content doesn’t stretch all the way across the sidebar (hope I’ve explained well enough – compare it to how it looks in, say, Firefox and you’ll see what I mean).
    Anyone any suggestions as to how to fix this?
    My XHTML and CSS validate.

    URI is
    Stylesheet at:

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  • I can’t figure out off hand where those spaces are coming from since I can’t fool around with the css, but I would try putting a border around various elements in the menu to see where their edges are. (you might have already done this though…)

    Hi – no, I hadn’t tried this, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve now put a border round the div.menublock, and can see where the edges are. I don’t know what to do next though. Can you (or anyone) help?

    Hard to figure out – you have a lot of css set for the sidebar. you have the sidebar set as a percentage width and no padding but the menublocks do and when the browswer is maximized it looks fine but not when smaller. I am just ramblin perhaps it would be easiest to change the background color of “right” from white to whatever you have for the overall background color.

    Mousse, from what I can tell, your sidebar appears exactly the way you seem to have intended (using Firefox and MSIE). The only big difference I can see is the header’s 1px black border doesn’t extend to the right-side limits of the pink background (in MSIE). By the way, a calendEr is a machine that smoothes or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers; I think you’re sidebar was meant to contain a calendAr.

    It looks slightly better now but on my machine the sidebar is still a lot wider in Firefox than it is in IE. Why is this?
    (the width it is in IE is more like the “intended” width, only not quite so far over to the right). Sorry if I’m not making any sense!

    I don’t know why it looks wider, but the headers now extend all the way over, so it really looks fine.

    I did notice however that if I change the color scheme, the sidebar jumps around. Maybe take a look at the css for the other colors and see what they use?

    I’m having a problem with display in IE, also. Probably a sidebar issue, but it looks fine in Mozilla so not sure why the discrepency. Any thoughts?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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