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  • I am a refugee from the Collapsing Categories plugin, which seems to struggle with WordPress 3.8. This looks almost perfect as a replacement – it works very smoothly indeed!

    The “almost” is because I really need the posts titles to show under each subcategory. Then I’d have a top-level category – then (when the top-level category is expanded) several sub-categories within each top-level category – then (when the sub-level category is expanded) a list of the posts within that sub-category.

    That way, a reader can find the relevant post in the list, click on its title and be taken straight there.

    Would it be possible for you to add this option?

    Thanks very much!

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  • Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    Can you provide me more information, you bassically want to show post titles under categories with no more sub-categories? or just post titles under each sub-category?

    Sure. I’d like to show categories, sub-categories, and then titles of posts within sub-categories. The categories and sub-categories would expand and collapse, and the post titles would be hyperlinked to the posts in just the same way that categories and sub-categories are now.

    In other words, I’d like your plugin to do what Collapsing Categories is designed to do. But your plugin is much smoother, and doesn’t produce all the errors and incompatibility issues that Collapsing Categories has in WordPress 3.8.

    Thanks very much for considering this request!

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    I tried to add that support before but it complicates the plugin. I want it to be easy to maintain, because for that feature I need to use cookies or sent GET parameters which already user of this plugin don’t want to add.

    I’ve a personal plugin which works like the one at: where i can offer it to you for a small price.

    I don’t really understand the point about the cookies: surely posts are much the same as categories or sub-categories?

    The list on the Polish website looks similar to what I’m looking for, except that clciking on the arrows of an open item doesn’t seem always to close the list. Also, clicking on the arrows there always takes the reader to a new page, which I don’t want unless the reader specifically clicks on the title.

    If your private plugin does what I’m looking for and passes debug mode in WordPress 3.8 without problems, then I’m certainly happy to pay for it.

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    The main problem is SEO stuff, because some people get paranoid if i change the link’s URL to send where you clicked (to expand that tree) so that’s why I told you about cookies.

    I can add the desired options, just mail me at so i can offer you a budget and confirm the spec you want to create.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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