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  • I am having trouble getting anything to display. The plugin used to work until recently, my plugins have not changed, so maybe the recent updates has something to do with it?

    1. have tried activating a different theme, still no luck
    2. have tried deactivating, deleting and re-installing the plugin

    A typical shortcode string for me would be:

    [display-posts post_type=”Artists” taxonomy=”artist-link” tax_term=”exhibition” taxonomy_2=”artist” tax_2_term=”yoko ono” orderby=”date” order=”DESC”]

    I have tried with just [display-posts] and still no luck.

    Appreciate your help! Thanks

    ### Environment ###

    WP Version: 3.9.1

    ### Plugins ###

    Installed Plugins: Ninja Forms – Modify Administrator Email by The WP Ninjas + Danny edits version 0.1
    Advanced Access Manager by Vasyl Martyniuk version 2.6
    Advanced Responsive Video Embedder by Nicolas Jonas version 4.8.0
    All-in-One Event Calendar Extended Views by by Network Inc. version 1.0.7
    All-in-One Event Calendar by by Network Inc. version 2.0.8
    All In One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert version 2.1.5
    WooCommerce – Australia Post Shipping Calculator by David Baker version 1.86
    Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by TourKick (Clifford P) version 1.4.3
    Facebook Like Box by Vinoj Cardoza version 2.8.1
    Custom Post Type UI by version 0.8.2
    Display Posts Shortcode by Bill Erickson version 2.4
    Easy WP SMTP by wpecommerce version 1.0.7
    Enable Media Replace by Måns Jonasson version 2.9.6
    Flexi Pages Widget by Srini G version 1.6.13
    Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold version 4.0.5
    Jamie Social Icons by Jamie Grove version
    MailChimp by MailChimp and Crowd Favorite version 1.4.1
    Media Library Assistant by David Lingren version 1.82
    Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms by The WP Ninjas version 1.2.4
    Ninja Forms – File Uploads by The WP Ninjas version 1.3.3
    Ninja Forms by The WP Ninjas version 2.6.4
    Post Taxonomy Column by Marcus Downing version 1.1
    Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin by Don Fischer version 5.0.6
    Regenerate Thumbnails by Viper007Bond version 2.2.4
    Responsive Lightbox by dFactory version 1.4.4
    Revolution Slider by ThemePunch version 4.2.5
    UberMenu 2 – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin by Chris Mavricos
    SevenSpark version
    WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.1.9
    WooDojo by WooThemes version 1.5.4
    WooSidebars by WooThemes version 1.3.1
    WP Editor by Benjamin Rojas version

    ### Theme ###

    Theme Name: Canvas
    Theme Version: 5.3.0
    Author URL:

    ### Templates ###

    Template Overrides: No overrides present in theme.

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  • Hey mossgreen

    I have had the same problem as you all morning, and I found out that I can’t use ANY shortcodes in widgets. Both title and text/content.

    So I wen’t into functions.php and added do_shortcode() to the filter-hooks: widget_title, widget_text:

    // Allow shortcodes in widget title.
    function hs_shortcode_widget_title( $title ) {
    	return do_shortcode( $title );
    add_filter( 'widget_title', 'hs_shortcode_widget_title' );
    // Allow shortcodes in widget text/content.
    function hs_shortcode_widget_text( $content ) {
    	return do_shortcode( $content );
    add_filter( 'widget_text', 'hs_shortcode_widget_text' );
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    Sebatianks, how did you figure out these hooks, what might they look like for getting this to work on pages/posts? Do you run with canvas theme as well? Thanks

    Thread Starter mossgreen-auctions


    Tried this, but doesnt work, maybe because im using custom post types.

    // Allow shortcodes in custom post text/content.
    function hs_shortcode_post_content( $content ) {
    return do_shortcode( $content );
    add_filter( ‘the_content‘, ‘hs_shortcode_post_content’ );

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    NenadDim, thanks, but I am not showing the excerpt.

    I have just discovered that [display-posts] works on pages / posts but NOT on Custom Posts.

    Custom posts plugin has no settings that I can see that would allow or not allow display posts to work.

    Custom Post Type UI by version 0.8.2

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