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  • I’m not sure how to describe this:

    Can someone walk me through the process to display posts only, and which line of code pulls the posts so I can put them on another website? I’m using WordPress with the K2 theme.

    I don’t want the header, search bar, blogroll, nothing; just the posts themselves. But I also don’t want the user to have to go to my wordpress site; I want to know what code to put on my website to pull the posts off my wordpress site, and display them on my root website.

    My website is configured like this: (Domain I want the posts to show up on, as “news” tidbits) (Where the wordpress software is installed)

    So I want to remove the post section off of the news folder and import them into my main domain, and use wordpress as souped up news management software.

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    I know using the Nucleus software, it was a few lines of php code. I’ve looked around on the wordpress code but haven’t been able to locate a section that will do it.

    Please help, and sorry if this is confusing.

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  • RSS feeds are the way to go. I think PHP has some support for reading RSS feeds, google that and you should be able to come up with something.

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