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  • I am pretty much a noob on WordPress. I have searched and not really found a clear answer.

    I have the mainpage showing all the latest posts, that is good. Is there a possible way to get the posts to show up on an individual page also? For example, we have a page Coaches Blog. When they post to the Coaches Blog, it shows on the mainpage, but can it also show on the Coaches Blog page so users can click on an individual page to just see those posts?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Do you mean that you have a category for this topic, that each post related to it is included in it, and then you created a custom menu (adding in your cats)? (and/or also used the categories widget to point folks to these topics?)

    This is the simplest way…(imho)

    Hi thebull55–

    I had this same problem yesterday, and the info I found was that I needed to use “Categories” and not the “Pages” that I had created.
    I watched a video on Youtube that fixed me right up.

    This video only helps if you can make custom headers in your theme.

    I hope this helps some


    UH OH

    I meant “Custom MENUS”

    I feel like an idiot!! I tried what was said in the video and still get nothing on the archive or pages?

    Just to clarify, when our users click on the button say for Coaches Blog I would like a page to come up with just the posts in the Coaches Blog or an archive of the posts?

    Hi theBull55

    Are you interchanging the terms “pages” and “categories”? My posts are in different categories too (what I used to call “pages”) and now they ALL appear on my “home” in a list of excerpts, (which I would like to change to some sort of widgetized thing…) but they also each appear just on the category page that matches the category they belong to. If they are marked as belonging to the category “about me” then they are there when you navigate with that button on the nav bar, and do not appear on the “news” category page as well. Only “news” ones are there.

    I know how frustrating this is. I have been working on my blog for WEEKS because I am totally new and know nothing about coding, etc. Maybe it was easier for me because I have “Prose” as my theme in Genesis, and it allows for two custom menus. So, when I had my first WRONG menu made with “Pages” I could then make another custom menu name “categories test menu” and go and create my categories (I think it is listed in where the tab is to create posts) and then I moved the categories into my new test menu, and I activated that menu, then I tested my blog and everything was moving the way I wanted it. I totally DELETED all my pages. What a waste of time!!

    I don’t know if I can be of much help for things other than exactly what I have done myself, but I have certainly learned those lessons well and the hard way.


    Thanks for the reply. I finally did get it to work, using the archive page as my link instead of the ‘Pages’. I think that was part of it, getting my head around the terminology!

    I am using a modified Techzioc theme and found that the loop.php was missing when I installed it. I found the loop.php in the older version of the theme and placed it in the theme files and wham!!! I had to play around with my direct linking on my buttons, but I think I am finally close to where I wanted to be.

    Thanks again for your help…it did help me get heading in the right direction.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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