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  • Hello, I just upgraded to the latest WP and I researched the forums for an answer to my question. I found a post of five months that was inquiring about this same thing but the question wasn’t quite answered so I am trying my luck.

    I am setting up my new website with WP. I installed WP in the directory /blog/ on the server so I’ll have a blog and some static pages (biography, contacts etc). Instead of creating these static pages as html files and uploading them to the root I created them with the pages function of WP so that I could modify them without having to open FTP programs and Text or HTML editors.

    The only problem with that is that my biography and contact pages have addresses like and and I really don’t want that “blog” in that URL…

    I tried moving the htaccess and the index to the root as suggested here:
    but that way all other content (actual static pages part of a different php script I am using) are not accessible anymore.

    In the support forum post I found it is suggested to use mod_rewrite but that way you still have to open FTP and make changes, not to mention I don’t really know mod_rewrite well enough.

    Can you help me? Is there a way to have the posts show up under /blog/ and have the pages created in wordpress appear in the root of the site?


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