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    Assuming you have done the following:

    1. Entered a Content Type > Basic > post_type
    2. Activated your Content Type
    3. Clicked on “View Sample Template” and followed those instructions

    4. Now, let’s say you want to ‘display’ the entries inside your new post_type in alphabetical order …
    5. On the new page that you created for the list to display in/on, you will see the green-background-white-push-pin button in your editing options panel, click on this button, it will open up a menu of options on how you would like to display your list.
    6. In the list, for ‘Post Types’ tick the box for the post_type you are working with … you want the box BEFORE your post_type item not the box after.
    7. Next, for the ‘Order’ choose ‘ascending’.
    8. Next, see ‘Order By’ and type in there … post_title
    9. What you will get is your list displaying in ascending order, ordered by post_title, and if you have made each post entry in the same format, this shortcode generator (the green-background-white-push-pin button) will produce a list that spits out in ascending alphabetical order, that is then hyperlinked back to the post. The shortcode will look like this on your page, [summarize-posts post_type=”rv_infosite” order=”ASC” orderby=”post_title”] but it will not display thusly, it will display your list. Viola.
    10. Hope this helps any novice coming along who is gutsy enough to dive into operating this plugin with a very minimal understanding of code-language-function within computer language and database operations.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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