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    Is it possible and/or desirable to call the post text at the top of the page for SEO purposes with a display:none in the css, in addition to the standard text location?

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  • To double the content the bots see?
    That might be unproductive in the long run. I don’t think google likes that.

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    Possible, sure.
    Desirable? Dunno. I’d design a theme so that the content came before all the sidebar stuff in the first place.

    CSS Question: but is it possible to do that with liquid layouts where divs do not have (designated) absolute positioning?

    It’s a matter of where the sidebar.php is called from in index.php, not really about absolute positioning. So your CSS puts the content where you want, but the order of the info is done in the code. 3 column themes can be a bit more tricky.

    Any chance you’d be willing to (very briefly, don’t worry, I’m not going to leech on) help me with a specific example off-forum? [or on, if you’d like]?

    I’d rather do it on forum, simply for the fact that it may come up again. I know there have been other discussions in the forum regarding SEO and position of the sidebar vs content.

    Please know I’m wary of overly concerned SEO questions…

    I respectfully understand. Well here is my specific issue:

    (I am also aware that this is a *WP* support forum, and not a css help site, nonetheless I do appreciate your effort and help)

    I am using the Sinorca template as the basis for my theme. It is a liquid layout with primarily relative div sizes governed by text ems, etc. I simply want to organize it in such a way that the maincontent appears before the sidebar.

    You can find the template here:

    The css markup is very straightforward and perhaps I’m just not cognizant enough to figure out how to do this.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS: I am doing this (yes partly due to SEO) but also I want to expand upon the accessibility of the template and ensure that those with screen readers or other alternative ways of viewing the page do not have to go through nav/sidebar content first. I am OCDish about validating and accessifying my code for sanity and usability. Thanks again.

    That’s as very straight forward design. A fixed width sidebar (navigation) with a flexible width content area. I didn’t look at the CSS, but from experience it goes something like
    main wrapper
    inside wrapper

    With main wrapper having a 100% width, navigation fixed, and content filling in the rest using some percentage.

    Once it’s spliced up, you simply will be floating the nav(sidebar) left within the inside wrapper. In the index.php file, you can still call the content first via the loop, then call sidebar.php. The CSS will float it left. Thus, looking at source, content will come before navigation.

    Hope that gives you some direction.

    I have actually tried that, but if you take a look at the CSS it doesn’t exactly turn out like that.

    The presentation is apparently governed by the structure and order of the elements. If I call the content before the sidebar then the sidebar gets pushed down, etc.

    I’m sorry, but I think I’m looking for a level of hand-holding.

    That’s a fairly old design, at least in CSS design standards, so therein lies part of the issue. There’s no inner wrapper for the sidebar and content. Something you could easily fix. Likewise, there’s no main wrap either, which explains the flexible width. No container, no defined size.

    IMVHO, I’d research a more modern approach to a flexible width design, one that addresses a few more issues that this doesn’t not.

    The truth is, the issue really is much bigger than this forum, and not the thrust of its purpose. However, I’m sure others might have similar questions and curiosities, so I wanted to address the major issues. If you need some specific links to more on CSS designs, and liquid ones specifically, I can provide a few.

    I would love it if you could provide those links. I’m looking for something that’s valid and has a similar (ideally identical) organization and liquidity as that template. Relative text sizing seems to be the way to go with ems and all, as well. Thank you for all your help Miklb, and I look forward to seeing what you will refer me to.

    One place worth looking is (specifically the CSS tools) I’ve been doing a lot of reading through that lately, and there’s a lot to be learned there. The developer of the grid system has a recent article here Christian has a lot of great resources linked there, another quality starting point.

    Another good place to start is has a lot of frameworks to play with as well.

    From there, I think you’ll find enough to get you started.

    Thank you!

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