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  1. sammyc
    Posted 8 years ago #

    When using the wordpress function the_category(), I want to know if it is possible to return the categories in a directory or 'breadcrumb' style structure rather than a list or tag style structure.

    For example, if I have a category structure as follows:

    - Customization
    -- Themes
    -- Plugins
    - Installation
    -- Advanced

    And I post a post in the categories WordPress, Customization, Plugins.

    When I call the the_category() function within the loop, it will result in something like

    Plugins, Customization, WordPress

    but I was wondering if it is possible to return something more like

    WordPress > Customization > Plugins

    It seems that WP is designed to use categories more like tags, rather than a strict directory structure, seeing as it is possible to attribute a post to categories Customization and Installation, continuing with my previous example.

    I was just wondering if it is possible to achieve my desired result, or if there are any plugins that currently do this.

    Thanks in advance,

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