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    I have a self-hosted 3.2.1 installed locally on my MacBook using MAMP.

    My issue is the display page for any media I upload and attach to a child page doesn’t work; it shows a 404 page instead.

    For example, if I click on Media in the Dashboard, hover over an image and select the “View” link, it should open the display page for the image. The URL for this page will often look something like “http://localhost:8888/?attachment_id=1451”. Attached images will of course have a slightly different URL.

    For unattached images, this display page works as expected. For images attached to main pages (pages with no parent) this also works fine. But for images attached to child pages (pages with another page as parent) this shows a “page not found” 404 instead of the display page.

    What’s weird is that this is new behavior. I have images attached to child pages whose display pages work just fine. It’s only the images I’ve been uploading in the past day that don’t work. In that time I haven’t changed anything or even tweaked the theme.

    About the only thing I can think of is I started using a few “featured images” on a couple of pages. That’s it.

    This is a fresh install, and I have no plugins installed. I don’t have any problems uploading media, or using the media in posts or pages.

    Although this is a trivial issue, it’s been driving me crazy, and I want to make sure I didn’t accidentally mess something up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I’ve resolved the issue! Not sure how what I did resolved it, but why question things that don’t make sense in the first place?

    For anyone else who may encounter something similar, I noticed when I attached an image to a child page that the date adjacent to the page name was off. It would be from a few days ago for an image I just uploaded, and for pages I hadn’t edited in a while.

    So long story short, I went to the aforementioned child page and edited it. Once it was updated I went back to the Media Library and all the display pages worked again.

    Not just the display page for that image. All of them. All the images attached to child pages that hadn’t been working suddenly worked again.

    Go figure.

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