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  • I am using latest WC, with no other plugin, Storefront theme, 100% translated mo file.
    In spite of this, some strings are remains original. eg. “view cart”. Do you have any idea, how can i correct this error?

    As I said, there is no plugin conflict, there is no theme conflict. I also checked that po file includes the translation.

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  • Please check your string ‘view cart’ this should be write in the file using the wp standard like <?php _e(“view cart”,”wocommerce”);?> not should be directly place like ‘view cart’.
    Or if your string already is written like <?php _e(“view cart”,”wocommerce”);?> then change your domain of the string other translated string where “wocommerce” is the domain of the string.

    Thank you the wp-experts. I tested it very thoroughly.

    In case of view cart, there was a case problem, i.e. in WC there was “View cart”, in MO file: “view Cart”. I downloaded the mo file from stable, therefore thw two string should be the same.

    And I have found other bug also, and I am still debuging.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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