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  • I am extremely new, so forgive me if this is really simple.

    Is there a way to display a static page as my landing page, but to still have new posts be added under the landing page?

    It would essentially be like I have a static post vs a static page. That post or page would always stay at the top of my blog (as a welcome message), and all new posts would be displayed as they normally would accept they would be under the static page/post.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • See this – just leave out the reference to one specific category.

    You could hardcode what you wanted into the top of your home page. You do this by manually inserting what you want into the template file for your home page. Depending on your theme, this is usually either the home.php file or the index.php file.

    You may also be able to use a “sticky” plugin – I’m not sure if it will put a sticky on top of all your pages or just the home page. You will probably have options depending on the plugin you use.

    Another option would be the “who sees ads” plugin. It’s very nice, and could do the trick, but it also might be a little complicated (but maybe not). The who-sees-ads plugin will let you set up all sorts of conditions, such as putting a “welcome” message on any page if the person is coming from a search engine, etc.

    Thank you both for your help!

    Moshu, I have created the new file.

    Do I just change the name back to page.php and upload it back into my theme directory to overwrite the old page, or do I upload it as main.php ?

    Never Mind- I’m smarter than I thought! I figured it out.
    Thanks again!

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