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  • I have added the display_name field to the wp-members registration form so a user can set his or her display name through the wp-members registration form. This works fine and the Display Name shows up correctly in places where it is used.

    Except, when the user returns to the wp-members form for editing his/her profile, when the display_name field appears blank.

    I have managed to track this problem down to an error in your code for the function wpmem_inc_registration which is included in the source file /inc/forms.php

    In lines 1269-1302 of this file, the code is supposed to fetch existing values of fields that may be edited but fails to recognise that the value of display_name must be retrieved as a native field, not as meta data.

    I have copied this function into the functions.php file in my theme and added the following lines to this section:

    case ('display_name') :
    	$val = $userdata->display_name;

    and this fixes the problem.

    Would be grateful if you could check this out and add the bug fix to a futire release.

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for mentioning this. Yes, that will be included in the next update.

    I see you have implemented this update at v but note you have put the display name through htmlspecialchars before assigning it to $val. Can you explain the reasoning behind this?

    It now means that if a user uses a special char in his or her profile, e.g. aenea & co
    then, although that displays ok as ‘aenea & co’, when the user goes to the profile update form, it is rendered as ‘aenea & co’, which could confuse the user.

    If htmlspecialchars is not used, however, it displays as ‘aenea & co’ in the form.

    I haven’t found any problems by not using htmlspecialchars here but wonder if I am missing something.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The reasoning is that the input from the user needs to be filtered to avoid exploits.

    I’ll consider changing it, but can’t guarantee that I’ll come to a positive conclusion on that. But it may be that using sanitize_text_field() is more appropriate.

    Yes, using sanitize_text_field is a good idea. Thanks.

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