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  1. Shyzer
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hey everybody. I run http://www.heyitsfree.net where I post freebies that people can sign up for every day. What I'm looking for is a way, feature, plugin, etc that will allow me to post not just one country flag with an individual post, but multiple country flags if the situation calls for it.

    Some freebies are limited to only one country, such as US only or UK only, etc. But some freebies are US AND Canadian or Australian AND NZ only. So naturally on some posts I'd just want an American flag but on other posts I'd want an American flag plus others.

    Is this possible? Is there already something out there that I can use that will do this? I've googled and searched around here for something like that, but so far I've been unable to come up with anything. I'd appreciate any help!

  2. Shyzer
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well, I've resorted to using the Custom Field to add an image of each country the freebie is available in, but that's certainly harder and more time consuming than I'd hoped to spend on each post. If anybody has a quicker idea, I'm all for it!

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