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    Hi there,
    This may sound simple but I’m using the Chris Vickio ‘simple image widget’ in my sidebar and I can’t get the alt text to display on mouseover. I’ve tried inserting the required text into every concievable field fist on the widget and then on the source image in the library but to no avail :0( Is there an expert out there who can help me?

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  • Anyone?? Obviously, I’ve searched the database but the only answer similar refers to the text editor widget which doesn’t have the same input fields??

    What is the URL for reference?

    Hi Josh and thanks for your reply. the url is:

    You’ll now see that I’ve inserted a further bottom button, which is in the form of a text widget. This resolves the problem in one respect in that the sidebar navigation now performs the way it should (with the mouseover functioning), but it forces my main page image over to the right hand side of the page?? This is why I used the simple image widget originally. So a resolution to either problem would work. I’ve tried firebugging the space but nothing shows up and I cant work out where the instruct is coming from.

    What browser are you using? I’m using Firefox 7 and the main image from the bottom thumbnail is in the exact same position as the main image from the “3rd from the bottom” thumbnail (both have the same image).

    Yeah, I just inserted the bottom image as an experiment to see if I could get the text widget to work as opposed to the simple image widget. Running from the top of the page, the first 8 images are in ‘simple image widget’ and these are the ones that I cant get to display alt text on mouseover. The bottom image is html in the default wp text widget. This behaves in the manner I require, but for some reason, re-orders the structure of the page, forcing the image content on my main sheet over to the right of the page.
    I’ll knock it out now so you can see what I mean and how the page should look.

    Ok, when I click on each thumbnail, the main image content loads, and all of the main content pages are aligned the same.

    I don’t see anything forcing content over to the right… do you want the main content RIGHT next to your thumbnails?

    I’m viewing on a 1440 x 900, but I’m sure that if the bug exists in this res, it will exist in others.
    What I’m tryng to achieve is alt text on mouseover and the page content to be left aligned. The page is a fluid sheet, which is the only way I can figure to get this tight l/h/s look required. when i use ‘simple image widget as the container, the content displays left aligned as required but I can’t get alt text mouseover on the sidebar navigation images. When I use the text widget and insert my image in html, I can achieve alt text mouseover on the sidebar navigation images but it bugs the main sheet content over to the r/h/s of the display. I’ve tried hovering the blank space on my screen with firebug in order to trace the source of the instruction, but firebug doesn’t see it as a mapped zone.
    So I need to either ideally;

    Work out how to get alt text on mouseover with ‘simple image widget; or

    Secondarily, identify the source of the erroneous instruct from the text widget that is shifting the main page content and rectify.

    The page is set with the ‘simple image widget’ at the moment as that is the way I built the page,but I’ll happily shift it into html/text widgets if I can stop the main sheet content shifting.
    Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but I’m trying to be as clear as possible.

    No, I appreciate it. It helps with debugging.

    Hmmm, I don’t even have that resolution on my computer. I go from 1360×768 to 1600×900.

    Okay, what is the plugin URL of the “image” widget?

    Hey Josh, its:
    I really appreciate your help mate and I’ll be back with you asap.

    I have to go to work now but I’ll be back with this tomorrow 0800 gmt.
    Thanks again,


    In order to have text appear on mouseover, it needs to be in the image’s title attribute, not the alt text attribute. Alt text is only shown when the image is not loaded by the browser, usually because the image is not found, or the user has image loading disabled. This widget does not currently provide a way for you to set the title attribute, however this is a feature which I’ve been meaning to add. I’ll update it later today and will let you know here when it’s ready.


    @ Jon,

    I have re-written Vickio’s plugin to address your needs. Let me know if you are still interested.

    @ Chris,

    I hope you don’t mind. I’m not doing anything with it 🙂 Just passing it along to Jon. I’d be happy to send you the file if you are interested.

    Hey Josh,
    Fantastic. Where can I access the plugin? My email is [email moderated]. I think it’s a real asset to the widget, especially when used in this context.

    Also @ Chris,
    Thanks for this, it’s the perfect plugin for this type of image navigation and the addition tailors it perfectly for the job.
    Great plugin. Thumbs up.

    No worries.

    It’s sent.

    I would go ahead and remove your email address from the post above.

    Also, please mark your thread as resolved if this works 🙂

    Hey Josh,
    I’ve just implemented the updated plugin and it functions perfectly. If anyone is looking for the perfect solution to image or custom button navigation, you’ve found it.
    Thanks Josh, you’re a star.

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