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    I went craziy happy when I found this plugin, as I needed to display an auto populated mainmenu item dropdown with the site categories.

    But… I also now found out, that my client wish to have another menuitem, but with the display of the monthly archives (also dropdown, just like categories)…
    How do I achieve ths with this plugin? It is possible, right?
    If not, is there a hack you can give me?
    I will gladly donate for this feature 🙂

    There is no plugin (that I could find) that can display a dropdown as part of the menu, with an archives list. WOuld be a GREAT additional feature for this plugin 🙂

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    I have put together a simple option to allow you to display post date archive links under a menu item, this is still very early in its development, just choose “Populate from Date Archives” and that should be it. currently there are no options to set but as i say this is not released to the public yet and has not been fully tested.

    You can download this dev branch from its github repo


    WOW. This is fast response, VERY appreciated! 🙂

    I overwrote the files in the official plugin with the ones from github, and under the “archive” menu chose the “JC Submenu” + “Replace current items…” and chose “Populate from date archives” and then save, but it seems that the menu does not remember that it is selected.
    When I check after, all the ticked boxes are ticked off again.

    For info, I am using te Headway framework + WPML and just upgraded to WP 8.9.
    But the categories auto replacement dropdown still works perfectly.

    Ahhh … If I first save as category, and THEN change to archive and save, it does remember the settings.. BUT … Now i see all the dates in the main menu, and not inside a dropdown =))
    Which means I have (a part from the normal main menu items) some 43 dates displaying in the main menu 🙂
    How to get them to display inside a dropown submenu instead?

    Plugin Author jcollings


    Make sure that you haven’t checked “Replace Current item with Populated Items” ?

    I DOES work. I made the mistake of ticking off “Replace etc.” .. Shouldn’t have done that 🙂

    Thank you SO much for your quick response and help much appreciated. I’ll go donate 😀

    Ah – had not seen you comment, sorry about that 🙂

    Plugin Author jcollings


    Cheers, glad you got it working.

    Since you mentioned you had 43 dates being displayed, the latest version which can be downloaded from the git hub repo above has a checkbox which allows you to group them into years by adding an extra level to the dropdown. Hope this comes in handy.


    Oh – this is perfect!!! MUCH appreciated 🙂

    An idea for a feature addition – or maybe as a separate plugin?…

    (This is something that my client actually also wish to have, not sure if I can do this, as my jQuery skills are next to none existent, but I’ll try 🙂 )

    … is the ability to be able to add a jQuery like “scrolling” function within the submenu, for when the submenu have a lot of items.

    Not a standard scrollbar, but having an arrow at the top, as well as the bottom of the menu, that then has some sort of fixed height.
    And when ne hovers the mouse over either of the arrows, content of the submenu scrolls accordingly up or down in a smooth way.

    Just an idea for a nice to have function 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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