• Hi,
    I was just wondering if you could let me know if it would be possible to display a message on archive pages when products are hidden, in place of the product. Right now, if you go to a product category page, it will say it’s displaying results, with any pagination needed, yet the products are hidden. Since this would be confusing to customers, might there be a way to display a message (with a class to call to) or an image in place of the product info?


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  • Hello,

    Sorry for the delay.
    If you mark the option “Modify query” the products will be completely invisible. It means it will be removed from pagination too. I think customers won’t be confused like this.

    Have you tried this option?

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    Unfortunately, it is selected and the pagination still displays. I would like the pagination to go away as that would definitely help cut down on confusion but the ability to display a message would help as well. I’m looking into using WooCommerce Conditional Content for this though, so just getting rid of the pagination would be great. If you can think of any reason why it might still be displaying, let me know. Thanks for replying!

    No problem 😉

    You mean, on frontend, that message saying “Showing X of Y results” next to pagination, on your case, it’s not changing?

    When you mark that option and a user who is not allowed to see a product, goes to the archive page, this message changes to “Showing X of Y-1 results”

    And if there is no products to see at all, the pagination should disappear as well.
    It’s not happening for you?

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    Here’s a screenshot so you can just see what I mean. I would give you a wholesale customer login but don’t know how to post privately here.



    Hi, can you create a user using the email pablo@algoritmika.com?

    Hi @vd11,
    I just want you to know that I’m working on a solution for this issue.
    I’ll let you know when it’s ready

    Hello @vd11,

    Since version 1.1.7 it won’t happen anymore. You just have to make sure to enable the “Modify query” option.

    Unfortunately, in your case, as you were using the old version, you will have to save your products again one by one. But from now on it will work the way you wanted, with correct pagination.

    Please let me know your thoughts 😉

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