[resolved] Display menu/navigation in full at larrge widths? (7 posts)

  1. fert
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This theme looks amazing. I would love to use it. But I need my Menu items to be visible if the screen/browser width permits. The Menu-icon is nice but it is not inviting and many people overlook it.
    If space permits I would prefer the full menu to be displayed. Is there an option to do that in Singl?

  2. designsimply
    Posted 2 years ago #

    The collapsable menu is a main part of the theme design and there is not an option built into the theme to turn it off.

    In order to make a structural change like that, you would need to write your own code to make the modification in a child theme. To get started, you can look at this guide about how to create a child theme:

  3. pandoraslunchbox
    Posted 1 year ago #

    hello Fert, there is a responsive menu plugin which is quite nice and might allow you to do what you need.... the author was very helpful to me-

  4. Guillermo
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I'm working on a child theme of singl and I'm also interested in expanding the menu, only for computer screens. Thus, I'm convinced that the theme is designed for a collapsible menu, and this change could be unsightly...

    There is something simple to write in style.php ? Or may I have to write code directly on the navigation.js or the header.php?



  5. There is something simple to write in style.php ?

    Guillermo - because the menu in Singl toggles open and closed in an overlay on top of the page, changing this default functionality would not be a simple change to make. It could likely be done by creating a new copy of header.php in your child theme and adding some new CSS in your child's style.css. You would need to be quite comfortable with HTML, responsive CSS, and the way menus are constructed in WordPress.

    If you experiment with it and get something working, do feel free to post your code back here in case it helps others in the future!

  6. fert
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thank you for the information.

  7. krappis
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I would also like to remove the menu-icon. Some people donĀ“t see it :(

    If anyone has a solution to it, it would be great if he could post it here. Thank you

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