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  • I’m creating a multisite website using Paid Memberships Pro and the eCommerce plugin ‘MarketPress’. I understand that when you create a new membership level you can assign a post category for that level under ‘content settings’ in the membership level editing. I also understand that each membership is given an ID number. I’m giving users 8 membership options to choose from, each with the name of the category set up up for each membership under ‘content settings’. What I would like to do is, on my main website on the network, show a page for each category that lists all of the memberships in that category. Can I use the ID number of a membership category and list all of the memberships in the network that use that ID number?

    Thank you for any help in advance.

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  • Check out how we query for members on the adminpages/memberslist.php page. It may give you some insight into how to query the pmpro_memberships_users table to get a list of members for each level.

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