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    Does anyone know of a plugin or a way to have the image that was entered when creating a link, to be displayed only when you mouseover that link?

    I know of mouseover code, but I want to pull the image url from the WP database and just display a pic next to the mouse cursor.


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  • jwurster


    I checked the plugin db and found

    You might also want to try if you want a popup. I use this.

    These are very good… in fact, I’m looking for something related!
    How can I get an image to appear when the mouse moves over a link? You just move the mouse over it and the image appears next to the mouse, or anywhere else on the page.
    Ideas, anyone? Would be glad 🙂
    Greets, snowangel.

    Well, it can be accomplished with JavaScript, I made one that emulates a ToolTip that you can put images in, if you’re interested.


    Grab a copy of my alexify plugin and look at the JavaScript. No need to install it, just untar it somewhere and open the file. It should be exactly what you are looking for. A couple of mods to make it do what you want and you are done.

    If you don’t want to download it just go to my blog and view source. Look for “function showAlexaPopup”. That’s the code you want.

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    Wow thanks, that alexa popup script is really what I needed! However, I have to apologize… I’m a real beginner of PHP, and I know functions and everything, and I figure I can write the function showAlexaPopup to fit my site, but I don’t have a clue how to combine it with my links… where to put the function tag so that the picture actually displays on mouseover? I would like to have several links all over the site where I can separately (maybe with an argument?) edit which picture is shown.
    Or is there maybe a way to let the script search for a certain Name (for example “Bill Clinton”) all over the site and then insert the mouseover popup with the person’s picture?
    I’m very sorry if this is difficult to understand, I’m not very good at explaining stuff 🙁 Anyway, if it takes too long for you to solve my problem, just tell me and I’ll get along somehow, really!

    One problem with that AlexaPopup I just noticed when checking out your blog, Cal – is that the links don’t actually work in Safari. The images appear, but I can click on any of the links until I turn blue – they don’t go anywhere :/


    Yea I found that out after I released. I’m looking into a cross-platform solution. As soon as I find one I like I’ll release an update.

    That’s an interesting but highly specific plugin. I’m not sure it has much in the way of broad appeal. However, since it’s closely related to alexify, I’ll add it to my development list and if I can get to it, I’ll post a release notice here.

    Sorry, given my current time constraints, thats the best I can do at the moment.

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    Okay, thanks very much, I understand that you have better things to do than help me 😀 Okay, I’m very curious to see your other scripts, I’m gonna go check them out right now. Thanks!


    I wouldn’t say better. 🙂 It’s an interesting challeng and I’d rather be working on it. But I’m stuk in ‘gotta pay the bills’ mode.


    Can you please contact me by email?


    These are very good… in fact, I’m looking for something related!
    How can I get an image to appear when the mouse moves over a link? You just move the mouse over it and the image appears next to the mouse.

    Try the Avatar Popup plugin.

    It will popup an image on hover over text and “Mailto” links. I bet with a slight bit of tweaking it can be made to popup any image for a nomal link.

    The “Popups are 100% CSS based, there is no javascript involved”, accordng to the developer.

    @calevans: Really no problem, I know situations like that… it’ll get better, it always does 😀

    @marc: So now we’ve reached the point where I have what I wanted. But my heart aches when I see that it doesn’t work in IE… I don’t use IE, but most of the people visiting my site do :(( However, I’ll look at the code and see what I can do with it, maybe it gives me an idea. Thank you very much!


    If you check out my site you’ll see the development version of alexify in operation. It’s been rebuilt on wz_tooltip.js library. Once I get the bugs worked out I’ll try and make a version that does what you want. In the mean time, you may want to look at that library. It could be that you could make it work without a plugin.


    I tried the wz_tooltip, and it works perfectly! If I have some time, I will modify it to work without plugin, but in the meantime this is just very nice for me. Thank you so much!


    Yes, it’s a cool library. I forgot to credit the author:

    I’ve just rewritten my Alexify plugin ( to use it and it’s ever so much better.

    Glad it’s working for you.


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