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    I’ve been struggling for months to get my link categories displayed invididually by category on individual pages.

    My link categories are like ‘city links’ ‘state links’ etc. and they are numerous per category.

    You can see I currently have all the links on one page now (links) but the list is so long it’s not usable.

    I’ve tried the linkspage.php with a <!–linksdropdown–> and it functions, but not how I want it. I want to dedicate a page per category for user ease.

    I’ve tried runPHP and it doesn’t seem to work per category either.

    I’ve also tried < ?php wp_get_links(2); ?> replacing each number with a category and that isn’t working.

    I’m thinking the best best is to alter linkspage.php plugin to pick categories rather than display in dropdown list?

    Ideas? thanks for any and all help.

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  • Ok, I think I understand what you’re asking, but want to clarify : you want to display certain link categories only on certain pages?

    If so, this can be done by setting up a separate template for each page, or if it’s posts, for that category of posts.

    Basically, you would use wp_get_links to snag the links category that you want for the template.

    I’ve tried <?php wp_get_links(category#); ?>, however it does not work in pages.

    In fact I use <?php wp_get_links(2); ?> to display city-specific links in my sidebars.

    I’d like to use like:

    city links page <?php wp_get_links(2); ?>

    se idaho links page <?php wp_get_links(3); ?>

    statewide links page <?php wp_get_links(4); ?>


    … later …

    Hey what do you know months of late night frustrations are over, I got it to work!

    I downloaded runPHP plugin before, but never did the critical step of checking the ‘runPHP code?’ in the sidebar of the page admin on that particular page!!!

    So anyone else wanting to do this:

    1 Install runPHP plugin

    2 Create a page for each link category you wish to display on individual pages

    3 Place a <?php wp_get_links(1); ?> on the page, with the number in parentheses corresponding to the ID number of the link category you with to display.

    4 Check the little box next to ‘run PHP code? that appears in your sidebar underneath postslug/post author/page order

    Resolved, thanks!

    D’oh! I’ve done that before, hehehe 🙂

    Good to hear everything’s working. 😀



    hi – sorry to bring up a past thread. i’m new to wordpress.
    i’d like to link specific pages to specific categories and am trying to follow your instructions, but am stuck.

    my goal is to get so that the “MEDICINAL MODALITIES” page would bring up the side bar categories with the *asterisks on them and “HEALTH TOPICS” would only pull up the health topic categories.

    i am running a test site for this on i got as far as installing PHP and am not sure how to do steps 2-4. where, for example do i “Place a <?php wp_get_links(1); ?> on a page”? (ie. what file would i change).

    thanks in advance,
    miki (san francisco)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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