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  • I am desperately seeking a soloution to display link / blogroll categories in pages sidebars dependent on the page id. I have over 100+ pages in an educational website and I just want each page to display links relevant to that page.

    I am thinking there must be a way to code this conditionally saying that if page id = a then display links from category a. Yet despite searching the web I am finding no clear answers.

    I do not wish to create seperate sidebars and do not want to use a hundred widgets. I am also concerned that so many conditional statements (if possible) might slow the site down.

    If anyone can advise on a technique for doing this and if it is viable for use on such a large scale then I would greatly appreciate their help.

    I find it hard to believe it is not possible having seen plugins such as Associated Posts, but am having real problems finding a valid solution.

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