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  • Hi,

    I’ve designed some of my WordPress site as such, that there is three pages (call them: features | cases | focus areas). Each of those actually only provide a container for subpages for each of them. For example, in the “cases” page I’ve nine subpages, each subpage is one particular case.

    Now, on my frontpage I have three “areas” where I want to present the latest subpage for each of the three pages (features, cases and focus areas).

    My question is how I do this? In the first area, I want to find the latest created subpage for “features” and list it with title and excerpt (I’ve a page excerpt plug-in) and the related image for it.

    I don’t have any trouble listing those properties but I want a clean, simple and fast way to do this – and I’m sure there is some nice snippet or something in that area to do that, I just don’t know it.

    Any help or suggestion would is very much appreciated.
    – Mestika

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