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    Hi, I thankfully use your plugin to display al list including excerpts of all the posts of a “featured” category on our homepage, but now I’d like to highlight certain single post even more by adding them to another category and displaying (just) the full content of it.
    How can I just display it’t content and get rid of the list (with “extra”titles” itself?


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  • Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    You can use the numberposts parameter and set it to 1 to display just one post from a category.

    I knew that,sorry if I wasn’t clear…
    I meant that I want to display just the content of a post somewhere on a page without the (linked) title.
    I just found but I have no CSS experience and I do nou understand where and how to define “display:none”…

    Thanks for your help and for a great plugin!

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    You have to add a CSS class to the title with the title_class parameter. Then edit the title_class class in your theme’s CSS file. Something like this:

    In the post:
    [catlist id=3 title_class=lcp_title numberposts=1]

    And in your theme’s CSS:

      display: none;

    Thanks, I’ll try that!

    Hey Picandocodigo, I’m so new and bad at this, I think your plug-in “List category posts” is what I need for the website I’m trying to start. I uploaded your plug-in and installed, everything ok so far, but then… I have no idea what to do? Where am I supposed to put those codes and stuff? Could PLEASE just give me the very first steps…I’m trying to get this started for months, I’m beginning to be depressed 🙂

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    floand there’s no reason to get depressed 🙂

    Now that you have your plugin installed, just use the shortcode when editing or adding a new a page or post. Write it in the post’s text and that’s it.

    So here’s what I did: (this is what I thought I should do) :

    I installed the plug-in and now… I have my pages one of them is “Links”
    and I also have Links in categories, because my post has to go somewhere, right? so I choose Links for the category and I write my post, I put the short code in the post but nothing happens. I still don’t understand how is this going to link my post from a category with my page, to show up on my page!

    Did it according to this: name – To display posts from a category using the category’s name or slug. Ex: [catlist name=mycategory]

    [catlist name=links] RIGHT? or should I replace in the catlist name? I have no idea what that is 🙂 but I assumed that doesn’t have to be changed.

    Anyways THANK YOU!

    @floand: Your description confuses me.
    The List Category posts plugin is meant to display a list of ALL posts (except the ones you exclude) from a specified categorie on a certain page.
    IS that what you want? In that case you should place the shortcode on that page, not in one of these posts from that categorie…

    BTW: you seem to have “hijacked” my topic about making the title links not displaying (on purpose), when using an arguement to show the contents of the listed posts .
    if you need general help on the usage of lcp, please start your own topic….

    @picandocodigo: I followed you advice literally, but it doesn’t seem to work, the title is still there…
    This is probaly beyond thse scope of your plugin;
    I use the Atahualpa theme, so I added .lcp_title{display: none;} in The Atahualpa options under “Add HTML/CSS inserts” (in the “CSS Inserts” field).
    When I look at the source code of the generated page in debugged mode”, there’s a .lcp_title{display: none; }</style>, but it does’n seem to be preceded by <style>…

    @ikookmaar, I’m sorry to have “hijacked” your topic, I thought we were both asking for the same thing, pretty much, however Thank you, yeah that’s what I was supposed to do, it works now 🙂 and NOW I have the same question you did, because I see it actually is a LIST, just a list.

    Is there any way to make it display at least some content as well, or the whole post?!


    No offence meant, but are you at all familiar with the term RTFM ?
    The answers to your questions are very wel documented in the plugin directory
    Have you read that? It clearly mentions parameters like “excerpt=yes” or “content=yes” ( use them somewhere within the catlist shortode)…
    I don’t think you completely understand MY question; I DO manage to display the content, but am having trouble HIDING the linked title list.

    Ok, ok! I understood your question now, I see what you mean, I’ll try to remove my comments to let your topic flow.

    Thank you! I found that… otherwise, NO! I’m not familiar with anything, I’m so new at this…but hopefully I’ll get it fast. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    ikookmaar can you add this manually to the stylesheet file of the theme? From what you’re telling me, there’s probably an issue with the plugin adding custom styles, since it should add your custom CSS between the <style> tags or into the CSS file. Maybe you can create a child theme for this theme and add the css yourself so that it doesn’t get overwritten whenever you update the theme.

    Believe me, I’ve felt like telling people to just RTFM whenever they ask some stuff on this forum, but floand looks like a really new user. floand, try reading as much as you can from a plugin whenever you install it. If you need further help using it, please open a new topic.

    Thanks to you both for using the plugin 🙂

    Hi picandocodigo and floand,
    I’m sorry if I offended anyone by RTFM-ing. You are right of course, I also once started out with zero experience and this is my first one regarding CSS… I really respect your patience and willingness to support! And do keep asking, there is no such thing as a stupid question!
    After a closer look I see that the custom CSS IS also preceded by a <style> tag (since it’s the homepage full of things including widgets it was just somewhere way up on top of a whole list of styles…)
    Since everything else looks how it’ts styled I think the theme’s CSS inserts are OK, but I don’t see why it’s not working with catlist…
    I do use a child theme and it’s style.css (but it simply states @import url(“../atahualpa377/style.css”);). Adding .lcp_title{ display: none; } there didn’t work either, but I’ll experiment some more…

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