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  • Hi, thanks for reading this and I really hope someone who’s a lot smarter can help. We have a website ( that has a lot of issues in i.e, some in mozilla, and not even sure how it displays in other browsers like safari?

    The problems come about when you try to make the width of your browser window narrower. In explorer, we have an extra special problem in that the center blog panel widens along with any extra-wide content, which then causes everything on the right-side to move under the blog panel.

    The issues are:
    –the center blog “panel” shifts left
    –the emmy image moves under the BFCA logo which causes the rest of the right-side items to all move to the bottom of the page and sometimes way to the left-side of the page
    –in explorer, the center panel wants to re-size itself along with the content yet this doesn’t happen in mozilla

    Thanks for helping. I’m not a developer but might be able to figure this out with your help.
    (developers used the thematic theme, and also posted in their forums)

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  • Hi,
    I took a look at your site in Firefox and Safari Windows. To me, your developers generally did a very good job. (I’m not crazy about the skulls and deathly stuff, but that’s just me). Thematic is an excellent choice, and I use it all the time, it’s on my own homepage.

    Resizing a browser is a torture test for any site. It’s the bane of any perfectionist. 🙂 They made a flexible layout, so it actually resizes pretty well in my opinion. In Firefox I did get horizontal scrollbars when I narrowed it, but did not cause stuff to sink to the bottom here. Similar deal with Safari/Win, but I did find one issue there… the black center column background did not show.

    btw, if any page content is added that has fixed width, it may resize differently than the rest of the layout. This is a situation that can foil the most flexibly constructed layout. It becomes a client data entry issue, as they may not have the skills to adjust that.

    I usually do fixed layouts, because my clients almost never want to fund the extra work that comes with making a flexible layout.

    I did find a small omission, and this might help Safari, and who knows, maybe your other browsers. You could try adding this code to your style.css (Appearance, Edit, and so on).

    .clear_both  {
      clear: both;

    I hope that helps. If you’re talking appearance on mobile devices, that’s a huge other can of worms.

    Cheers, Dave

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