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  • I installed the plugin. It initially seemed to be working fine in preview, but wouldn’t work in a live setting. I took the advice of others on the forum and tried to install an older version. That had some progress, but then stopped.

    …I then somehow stumbled upon the URL having some post characters in it.

    It would appear that the theme adds in a /#! to the URL when clicking throughout the pages.!/?page_id=1213

    When that is in place, it doesn’t work. When I remove it, it displays fine. (kinda… if you continue reading you’ll see my new issue that caused)

    …unfortunately I figured this out after installing a previous version and now I have the plugin stuck in a style mode that isn’t available in the new version (bookshelf i think it was).

    My problem is that the pages are going to continue to add in the /#! as the user browses the site. It’s okay for now the way it is as I finish developing the site, but it’s just not going to work upon the release of the site.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. This instagram plugin seems to be one of the best that I’ve found out there and I’d love to get it to work. Great job on the development of it! …and I’ll do what I can to help you iron out the issues that I’m seeing from my end.


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  • **after posting this I had a thought that maybe setting up permalinks would help, but i found myself in the same sitch.

    …another update. after more research I found that it’s due to the page loading Ajax scripts. anyway to incorporate that work around into your next version? those links above still both work and still deliver different results. I’d ideally like to have the site running with Ajax, but for now I can live with it.

    Plugin Author theAlpinePress


    Sorry for all the trouble you have experienced. What was the work around you can up with?
    The plugin definitely does best with very static webpages and I still have a lot of work to do before it will be as robust and reliable as it needs to be.

    i ended up disabling the Ajax loader. i’m not sure if the client will notice it, but having the plugin work properly is more important to me than a few of the small features with the Ajax loader.

    the main issue, that you can still see (although you have to copy and paste the entire url, as it autodetects on part of the URL) is that the colorbox just doesn’t seem to work properly with the Ajax loader.!/?page_id=1213

    i’ve managed to get most of it all working, minus the lightbox… which if the client really wants the Ajax then i’ll just disable the lightbox. the borders, rounded corners and mouse over borders don’t work either when Ajax is enabled.

    no biggie… just want to do what i can to help you build the best that you can.

    thanks for the quick response,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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