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  • That would happen in your theme, not the plugin.

    Chris, I know you have given great advice on this plugin, but I don’t follow how my theme is responsible for displaying the testimonials into 2 columns. If I am missing the obvious, please let me know what I am missing. I was happy with the format the plugin uses, but one of my clients wants to see two columns of testimonials.

    Challenge accepted! I will have a tutorial ready in a few days.

    I look forward to it!


    I have seen you post more about this plugin than the author. Have you considered forking it and calling it CD Testimonials?

    It’s been on my project list since December 🙂

    It occurred to me that saying “that would happen in the theme” may have been misleading. Obviously, your theme, unless customized, would have no idea what plugins are installed. And definitely the plugin could be modified to display two columns and other templates, for that matter.

    But for most cases, some simple CSS tweaks can do the job. And the best place for that is in the theme, especially with this plugin.

    So here’s the start of a tutorial on displaying two columns:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome.

    Fantastic support!

    Of course reading your tutorial, I realized the error of my ways, I was reading through the testimonial.php and thought the layout was in tables.

    Your approach to this seeming simple fix via CSS was very professional and I appreciated the lack of “talking down” that happens often on WordPress support website.

    Thanks again for your fantastic support.

    FYI, great to know it has been on your project list. I would like signup for beta testing or a specific newsletter/mailing list for this project.


    Thanks Alex! Always nice to hear when I’ve been able to help.

    In case you read the tutorial last night, I did update it this morning.

    I really appreciate your interest in my fork of this. I will let you know as I get the ball rolling.

    I read it this morning and I clipped it to my EverNote for future reference!


    You are a legend!! Works like a charm. Will have a little play and expand the width of the testimonials container, but that is just magical!

    Thanks again, really appreciate it!


    Thanks Rob! You’re too kind.

    We should thank Alex for presenting the challenge. I didn’t think two columns would look good but now I like it. Keep those ideas coming.

    Chris, that is funny. While I was waiting for your tutorial, I thought about how the testimonials would look and 2 columns and told my client, we are waiting on the programmer and BTW we don’t think it will look good, might be too busy.

    Then I saw your tutorial, and was like..damn…that looks fantastic! So I snipped part of the page and sent it as an image to him. Waiting to see what he says to do next.

    Imagine my surprise, I had never setup the form page, so I didn’t know about the web links or the images!

    That’s the exact gap I aim to fill with WP Mission: plugin demos that let you explore all the possibilities the developer imagined and some they didn’t. And I think some “Challenge Accepted” tutorials will be fun.

    OK I have new Challenges for you. Contact me for details. Contact link on website,

    Thanks Chris

    Here is a challenge,

    Based on the css mod you suggested, my client wanted the testimonials in 3 columns all on 1 page (so tweaked it and all working perfectly).

    However, the responsiveness of the testimonials displayed on iPhones etc, its all squished.

    Challenge is what do I need to tweak to ensure the responsiveness remains?

    Cheers, link to the testimonials page below so you can see what I mean.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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