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  • I have seen this addressed in a couple of previous threads, but they tend to get caught up in additional issues and none of the solutions presented seem to work for me.

    I just want the most recent posts to be fully displayed, not excerpted (linked) to their own separate little viewing areas. Is this possible?

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  • Here is the site:

    I’ve now reread the two previous threads which I thought were associated with this issue, and even retrying some of the solutions, I could not get it to function. Again, the website is:

    As you scroll down, you’ll see my five most recent posts, but you only see the featured image (in the fancy circles) and the headline. (Excerpted).

    These posts are set to gallery. I can set them to standard, (or other options) and that makes some of the text within display, but no images, so it’s still an excerpt. I would like for the full posts to appear on the front page. Is this possible?



    Have you figured it out as of yet? I am also having this same issue. I know this doesn’t help whatsoever, I just want to make sure that you will update this topic if you do in fact find a solution. 😀 I will also do the same. Thanks!

    No. I have no figured anything out yet. Thanks for checking in. Hopefully sometime soon someone will come help.



    Does anyone know how to do this? I love the little bubble buttons on my featured posts, but I would prefer the blog posts to be full posts with comments, social media sharing buttons etc., not excerpts you you have to click.




    Try setting them as Standard Posts. If you want images, then Edit each Post and make sure there is a Featured Image selected at bottom right.

    Check in WP Dashboard>Settings>Reading that you have Full Text selected.

    Then let me know how far that takes you to your desired solution.



    That does not work for me.

    When I go into reading and change the amount of posts to show on the front page and click save, the page refreshes, and it goes back to only 1 post magically. 🙁 I want to pull my hair out. 🙁



    I’m having a similar problem. Custmizr doesn’t care which option is selected in the reading settings. I don’t know much about php, but so far i have found a partial fix by editing class-content-post_list.php. It’s not a real fix becuase it doesn’t add a comments section at the bottom like if you click on the title link. Which might meant it wouldn’t put in social links. But you can try in a child theme by taking out the ! in
    <?php if (!get_post_format()) : // Only display Excerpts for lists of posts with format different than quote, status, link, aside ?>
    on line 173
    This just messes with how the list is displayed. If we could figure out why the theme doesn’t listen to the Full text that would really fix the problem.



    @nikeo is it possible for the theme to respect this WordPress setting. That is, in WordPress Reading Settings > “For each article in a feed, show”

      • Full text
      • Summary

      If the user has selected “Full Text”, could Customizr behave accordinly?




      I have tried both of those things again, but they were also some of the suggested remedies in previous posts, and I had tried it in the past. The theme overrides Full Text in the settings, and all of my posts have a Featured Image.

      So, like the others, no dice. Thank you for your input.



      OMFGGGGGGG I think I figured it outttttttt!!!!!!!!!

      So, when you go into the customizr screen and the customizr options are on the left, go down to where it says Pages and Post layouts, if you change it to 10 there, it should stay. 🙂 Let me know if this fixes it for you guys too? I am going to keep working on it but I think this is a FIX!!!!!!!



      I lied…



      This theme is really upsetting me. I think at this point I am done with it. I am very unhappy with this theme and all of the bugs in it. I will be trying a different one…that will hopefully WORK!



      I am having the exact same problem.

      I have it set to full text NOT summary.

      Please I’ve spent all morning trying to figure this out !

      Please help us

      Theme Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


      Hi this will be fixed in the next released.
      You are right, this option should work in the theme.
      Best regards,

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