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    Hi folks. I’m using everything at it’s most updated (as of the date of this post) and everything’s fresh out of the pack.

    I’d like to see the (Buddypress activity) “Post” button appear permanently or for it to expand/appear when using an Activity Plus function, so I’m looking for a novel solution.
    On the older version of my site I just did some fooling around and made it so that the Post button came before the expand effect, but that is an inferior solution as the activity box expands blankness when the text field is clicked and the post button looks awkwardly aligned.

    Reasons for my need: I’m using a post privacy plugin that only appears with the “Post” button and it is a lot simpler for my users to use the same button no matter what they’re posting.

    Any ideas?


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  • Hello there!
    How exactly did you do that on your other site?
    Perhaps we can adapt your previous solution to work with the most recent versions.


    I know it’s not the greatest practices, but I didn’t record my solution, I was just on a mission. What I do know is that I did so by just moving the Post In: form above whatever ID/span was responsible.
    In one instance I simply put the Post In and Post form objects above the What’s New text field.

    Last night I found a solution that answers all my problems. I think it’s executable in any theme/child.
    In Custom Community’s “Post Form” php file on line 35, my eye was drawn to this:
    <div id="whats-new-options" style="height: 0px;">

    I changed the value to 40px, and presto! Since it’s inline CSS it will override any CSS of any theme, so if it’s not there already “style=”height” can be added to the ID. This leaves all the fields (including Post and the Privacy Plugin field) where they normally would be and doesn’t expand the box unnecessarily.

    Great work! So does that tweak fix all your issues?

    Yes. No matter what screen resolution, the invisible fields are shown and 100% functional.

    I would like to know, however, where this expanding panel trick comes out of. I can get by with CSS, but I don’t have the eye to spot it with.

    Nay @number_6,

    The flyout menu is jQuery based. jQuery listens for the click then runs the javascript function to animate the panel.

    It is a lot harder to spot than the css side of things as code inspectors like FireBug don’t’ always scan the javascript files attached to the page, but if you check the head content you’ll see the script files being added from the plugin folder.

    I think the only solution is for the plugin to disable this behaviour as my fix doesn’t really work out as after posting an update the form goes back to it’s “default” of not being expanded.

    Any new ideas on locating this jQuery and killing it?

    You would have to locate the actual javascript file that handles it and edit it to remove this jQuery function.

    You should be able to find the location of the javascript file by looking at the code using a code inspector (usually F12) to scan through the content of the <head> section for any script files where the source is pulled from the Activity Plus plugin directory.

    ***NOTE*** This is NOT Activity Plus doing this. This is Buddypress. ***NOTE***

    The same principle would still apply… locate the javascript in the <head> section then search the file for the functions controlling the flyout and edit.

    I’m afraid I can’t offer specific tips on recoding the jQuery involved. This is a free plugin after all.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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