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    I’m currently tryng to use WordPress to power my whole graphic design portfolio site. I am keeping a blog but also a portfolio so posts in the ‘portfolio’ category are treated differently. I currently have a different template for displaying a portfolio post, as I want to show the text and the image in seperate DIVs.

    An example post is here:

    As you can see I have posted a bit of text and an image, but I want the image to appear across the whole column, outside of the normal post DIV.

    To do this I want to be able to call the post’s text content within the DIV, and then separately display the associated image after it (Where the line of CAPS text is currently)

    Can anyone help? So far I can only find a the_content function which returns the whole lot. Can I parse or modify the results of the_content to filter out the text or image? Can I use a different function to return just the text or image?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I also would love to do this.

    My layout would benefit greatly if images that have been uploaded and attached where in a separate div, in my case floated to the right of the text column.

    I’ve thought about using an image gallery plugin to achieve this, but am loathe to introduce something outside of WP’s native functionality, especially as it will make things more convoluted for the end user (who will be less tech-savy than moi!)

    I am also in the same situation 🙁 and I can not find anything on line about this. other then here…

    You can capture the images with post-thumb…although you can insert images in exacerpt or in a custom field, and then call it in your custom category pages category-8.php (for example)

    Marcomail this is the first glimmer of hope that I have had. Could you elaborate on this post-thumb usage.

    how do I add it to my code.

    you can put post thumb code everywhere in the loop, try to look for it

    This is an example of post thumb code

    		$post_link = get_thumb('ALTAPPEND=th-&WIDTH=100&HEIGHT=200);
    		if ( !empty($post_link) ) { echo $post_link; }

    Although you could use imp-portfolio

    you can simple add your preview image when you adding a new link in the relative image field, and then show it in a wordpress page with this plugin


    In case anyone is interested, I did eventually find a way to do this, although I’m still working on the site.

    To display the image only I used the Image Extractor plugin:

    And then to display the text, I used The_Extract Reloaded plugin, which gives you a bit more control than the standard excerpt:

    That’s pretty much it, it allowed me to put the image under the text on the portfolio pages and have a nice wide graphic separate from the info.

    Hope this helps…!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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