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  • Plugin Author Nikki Blight


    This is being added in the next version.

    I jumped the gun again…

    Went ahead and added a host meta box and all the relevant jiggery pokery to make it selectable in the widgets and display on the relevant pages.

    I wasn’t that keen on the user/dj combo as it made selecting more than one DJ per show impossible.

    I know this workaround won’t be suitable for everybody but our schedule is going to be managed by one person so there was no need for the dj’s to log in with their own accounts and update their info or playlists.

    Should also add that I’ve created Twitter, Facebook & Soundcloud metaboxes for each show too. That might be something worth considering for the next release?

    Plugin Author Nikki Blight


    I wasn’t that keen on the user/dj combo as it made selecting more than one DJ per show impossible.

    How so? The DJ field for Shows is a multi-select. Hold down the Ctrl key when you click, and you get multiple DJs assigned.

    In regards to meta boxes for soundcloud, etc…. I’m leery of adding those since a) I haven’t had any requests for it until now, and b) it’s ridiculously simple to add any meta field you might need using the Advanced Custom Field plugin. No programming required. I’ve found that a lot of people dislike plugins that are overly cluttered.

    Sorry Nikki, firefox is switching my saved login info between both accounts every time I visit and I can’t remember the password to either, but it’s Grant…

    I tried the multi select but it would only let me select adjoining names. Basically selecting blocks. So as long as the DJ names were alphabetically next to each other it would have worked but that wasn’t the case.

    If it is meant to work the way you say then maybe it’s a mac / mozilla issue? It certainly wouldn’t be the first 😉

    Plugin Author Nikki Blight


    I develop in FireFox, so I don’t think it’s browser related (unless the Mac version has some bugs I’m not aware of… I’m a Windows girl). Ctrl-clicking (I guess that would be Command-clicking on a Mac) the DJ names works just fine for me… and it’s a bog standard multi-select box. I didn’t do anything fancy with it to modify its function.

    Conflict with another plugin, possibly? Maybe something running javascript in the admin section.

    Yes this does work fine, my Firefox was playing up during that session before. It’s doing that more and more these days. But yes, you are right. It works just like you say it does 😉

    Well, from an A11Y perspective, I’ve gotta say that the control-click method of selecting dj’s is a nightmare-&-a-half, i.e., if you’re unfortunate enough to be unable to use a mouse, it doesn’t work. Too bad, too, because:
    a) Radio is an ideal medium for blind folks;
    b) I’m developing a site using your plugin for 1, in fact;
    c) There are shows w/multiple dj’s; &
    d) He can’t select them.

    For the most part, he’s really happy w/the plugin, though.

    Thank you Nikki for your great plug-in. I designed this online radio station site without knowing that your plug in existed and when I looked for it there it was. the site: I am having trouble understanding the dj section on the show pages. I cannot change any of the names there. all of the names in the field are the administrators of the organization. I think they appeared there by default. I did not put them there. I want to put the host or DJ in that field and use that to create dj pages. also just to say who is hosting the currently on-air show. I can not access even the administrators names using the [shortcodes dj=”1″] thingy. I have yet to try digging into the php to try to get them that way. but even if I could it would only echo my name and some administrator’s names not the dj’s. I have been considering using a members permission to edit content type plug in. Please forgive my noobishness. I try to make up for it in being dogged. any help you all can give would be greatly appreciated. thank you, mArk

    I may have found part of the puzzle. in the users section are the names listed. and I can add dj’s there. and they appear in the show’s dj field. but then how do I select or assign a DJ to a show?

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