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  1. cicakchanson
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently recreating a site for a client in wordpress so that she can more easily edit the content herself. I'm creating her a custom template that I don't in intend to use on another project. Most of the site will be static.

    The issue I'm having is that I would like different accent images and other design elements to appear on different pages of the site. You can see what I'm trying to reproduce HERE. You can see where the homepage has a red background and a picture of her off to the right whereas her bio page has different design elements.

    I was thinking that conditional tags might allow me to achieve what I'm after but I've never used conditional tags before. If anyone could provide me with a link to a tutorial or a quick and dirty code that might let me see how to add an image onto a single page and not any other that would be excellent. If you know that conditional tags won't work and you've got a solution please feel free to share. Thanks for your help. WordPress is a great community.

  2. cicakchanson
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  3. pinoydeveloper
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    Hi cicakchanson,

    I think you cannot fix your problem with wordpress conditional tags rather I would like to recommend using custom fields. You can create a custom field where you can select a background image/color or template theme name you want to apply in the specific page. Example I choose RED theme, in your template you must have a condition that check the selected page theme or color then add a special class to your div container depending on the selected page theme then style that class to your CSS file.

    I hope this will help.

    For more wordpress snippets code you may visit my blog here

    Many thanks.

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