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    Hey everyone!

    I love this plugin, super useful and simple to use.

    There is only one problem that I’m unable to solve. Basically the “Display custom WooClientZone icon” is only working for 1 Item in the menu. The rest of the items are showing as a standard unordered list.

    There are no errors in the browser’s console, can you please have a look at this and let me know if there is anything that could be done?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi Bacardy4, thank you for using WooClientZone and I am glad you like it!

    The ‘My Account’ menu icons depend on the theme used. I developed the plugin using Storefront by the WooCommerce team. This theme displays separate icons for each menu entry, so by default I designed WooClientZone to add its own icon, too.

    However, when testing the plugin on other themes, I found that most of them just display a more-or-less bulleted list of menu items, which are the same for each menu entry, so the WooClientZone icon looked completely out of place on such themes. So this is the reason behind the Settings parameter ‘Display custom WooClientZone icon’, which is to hide the custom icon and let the theme prevail on making the ‘Communications’ entry look the same as the other ones in the menu.

    So I guess that in this case you would just leave the option unchecked. Should you change theme in the future, and notice that all other items have a specific icon, then you can re-enable it to display the custom icon for WooClientZone.

    I hope this is useful (and hopefully clear).

    Best wishes

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    Thank you so much for that! That makes sense!



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    Thank you for raising the issue, and I’ll change the explanation in the settings text to make it clearer.

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