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    Hi again,

    One other question, for “show”, I see the options are: title, image, excerpt, content.

    I need to be able to display some custom fields I’ve added to the post (i.e. quote, attribution).


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    A little more info: I added those custom fields with the ACF plugin – which stores them in the postmeta table like this:


    So the meta keys I would like to show the values for are “quote” and “attribution”.

    Would it be possible to modify your plugin to be able to recognize a meta_key after “show” in the shortcode?

    [random_post_on_refresh show=”quote,attribution”]

    Challenging though because the plugin would have to also generate a span class with the same name so that it can be styled on the front end.

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    Hi again, I was over thinking this. I can just use content and excerpt as the two fields I need for this project. Thanks!


    Glad to hear you found a solution.

    It would be cool to add that as a feature, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon.

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