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  1. wzshop
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I was wondering how i can hook/display a custom field group into my front-end form.
    I found this article: http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/tutorials/creating-a-front-end-form/

    This made me to try this:

    add_action( 'product_custom'  , 'productfields'  );
    function productfields() {
    	$options = array(
    	'post_id'  => $post->ID, // post id to get field groups from and save data to
    	'field_groups'  => array('post'  => '88' ), // this is the ID of the field group
    	'form_attributes'  => array( // attributes will be added to the form element
    		'class'  => ''
    	'return'  => add_query_arg( 'updated' , 'true' , get_permalink() ), // return url
    	'html_field_open'  => '<div class="field">' , // field wrapper open
    	'html_field_close'  => '</div>' , // field wrapper close
    	'html_before_fields'  => '' , // html inside form before fields
    	'html_after_fields'  => '' , // html inside form after fields
    	'submit_value'  => 'Updates' , // value for submit field
    	'updated_message'  => 'Post updated.' , // default updated message. Can be false to show no message
    	acf_form( $options );

    This displays the field group + an update button, within a front-end form created with a thirdparty plugin. However i only want to display the custom fields group within the form. Furthermore atm it does not store the data of the custom field.

    So my question; how can i extend my previously made form with a custom field group made by the advanced custom fields plugin.

    Thank you so much in advance!


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