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  • Hello-
    This site is behind a password, so I sent you the login info.

    If I check the box
    “Display Current Pages Parent Only:”
    The widget does not display at all.

    If I uncheck it, the widget works, but it shows parent pages that are not parents of the child page we are looking at; it shows the parent, grandparent and every page underneath the grandparent.

    Deactivating plugins didn’t change the behavior.


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  • Plugin Author Mat Lipe



    To accomplish what you listed under “Ideally” you would use these options:
    * “Display Current Pages Parent Only”
    * Number of levels of pages to show “-All-“

    You will want to have “Include Parent Page” unchecked if you don’t wish to display the “Departments” link.

    So far I am unable to recreate the issue with the menu not displaying which based on the information you provided alludes to an issue with the theme. Please try using some default theme like 2015 and see if the issue persists to narrow it down.

    Also please make sure you are on the latest version of the plugin(s).
    1.5.1 of Pro
    6.1.0 of Basic

    If it’s not the any of the above, if you could provide the version of PHP you are running it may help me recreate.

    Thread Starter Jasper


    Thanks for the response! Sorry for the late reply as I didn’t get the email notification. I do have the most recent versions.

    So, I have Display Current Pages Parent Only and Number of pages to show – ALL. I figured out that I need to check Include Parent Even With No Children to get anything at all to show up sometimes but it skips to the grandparent page only and does not show any of the child pages.
    Example, on Departments>Finance>Local Taxes, it only displays “Departments.” So odd….

    The breadcrumbs are displaying the proper hierarchy.

    WordPress version 4.5.3

    On twenty sixteen, it does the same thing. Also, caching and not caching on my server.


    Plugin Author Mat Lipe


    Sorry Laura,

    I can’t explain why this is not working for you.

    I setup the following environment:
    * Ubuntu
    * PHP 5.5
    * Fresh Install of WP 4.5.3
    * 2016 theme
    * No other plugins

    It is working as expected for me.

    Thread Starter Jasper


    I have done the same and installed this on a fresh server with the default theme, and even with my actual theme, and it works as expected. Although, oddly, the accordion menu does not work. I was not trying to use the accordion menu but I was just curious.

    If you check the setting, “display current pages only,” the plugin does not know about the parent page anymore and only displays the grandparent. If you don’t use this checkbox, it will display the parent, grandparent, and the siblings of the grandparent. It does know the correct hierarchy of pages IF that box is not checked. But, that is way too many pages for us to display at once.

    Also, breadcrumbs do display the correct hierarchy.

    We copied the site over to a staging server, reset permalinks and made sure there was no caching. Database repair tool was run, and it does not seem to be corrupt. Again, all plugins disabled and default theme used.

    The site where it works is:

    I am seeing some differences in duplicate queries with query monitor and wonder if that is the issue. It is not going to show up well here so I will email it.


    Thread Starter Jasper


    So, I think I have one common thread among the pages that don’t work. Pages I have created recently work. For my old pages that I created before the plugin was installed, the widget navigation does not work.

    I am not sure if it was the installation of the plugin that is the factor that makes new pages work and not ones created a couple of weeks ago. WordPress has not upgraded since. I thought maybe pages using the bulk page creator were the problem, but I created some pages using that tool and they are fine.

    see e-email.

    Plugin Author Mat Lipe



    This plugin does not add any data to pages so it is likely that something is missing from the pages that do not work.
    My best guess is there was something not working quite right when the pages where created which has since been fixed.
    A quick and dirty way to fix them may be to export them, delete them, then import them back in.

    Hope this helps!

    Thread Starter Jasper


    I have import and export tools – good idea.

    However, I already have put in a lot of manual links within the content as well as a pretty involved mega menu. I am guessing permalinks will change and therefore links will break? If anyone has good suggestions for link cleanup tools it would be appreciated.

    So strange -in all the years I have used wordpress on dozens of sites, this has never happened!

    Thread Starter Jasper


    Deleting and re-importing all the pages did not work.

    I thought I had it working by deleting and re-creating the parent pages, then reassigning the subpages to the new parents. It worked for a while but broke again.

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