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    Hello, I was wondering if/how I can get the posts in page widget to display the post content in the same format as the actual post images and all.

    I’ve been messing with the template file and have it displaying the correct size excerpt as well as some other customizations but the post text just shows up as a block of text, no spacing or anything. I want it to be the exact same content just less.

    Thank you.

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    The page loses the original post formatting – line breaks, indents, text color – all are missing when the post is display in the page.

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    Hi Guys,

    It’s most likely a CSS issue and possibly a bit of markup that needs to be adapted to fit your theme. Since the output of the Posts in Page plugin is unstyled, it relies on your theme’s built-in styles for formatting. In order for this to work, though, the markup and styles for your theme need to be applied to your Posts in Page template.

    You’ll most likely need to customize the posts_loop_template.php file to match your theme’s markup and CSS.

    We’ll be posting an updated version of this plugin soon and plan to add a few screencasts with instructions on cutomizing, but in the meantime, please feel free to post links to your sites after you check out answers to similar questions in these threads:

    1. – this is about Featured Images, but explains how to customize your posts_loop_template.php

    Styling Posts in Page Output to Match Your Theme

    I recommend using Firebug to take a look at the markup and styles that are being applied to your existing pages and posts and tailor your CSS for the Posts in Page markup to match.

    Also, if you wish, you can could copy the posts_loop_template.php file from the plugin directory to your theme’s directory and tailor the markup to match your theme’s markup.

    I hope this helps!

    This is copy taken from the WordPress post add/edit window (html tab) on my localhost development server:

    This is a formated post.
    Many nuances exist to cause problems.

    One two three
    Four five six
    Seven Eight Nine

    And the list goes on:

    Red green blue
    Cyan yellow magenta
    Brown, orange, violet
    White black gray

    Formulated ideas traction without foundation creates instigated insoluble solutions for the unwary troubadour with fractions to spare.

    This post is not styled by the theme’s css (is it?).
    Are not the line breaks added by WordPress?

    All the line breaks disappear and the text runs on without breaks when the post is pulled into the Page.
    I’ve copied the “posts-loop-template.php” file into my theme files. And I’ve managed to style the font color and background color just to insure that it’s working. (and it is).

    But I’m still lost as to how to format the line breaks an such.
    Sorry to be such a blockhead about this.

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    Hey CloudyBright,

    I’m sure it’s most likely all CSS changes.

    I use Firebug and Chrome Dev Tools to diagnose differences in the markup (HTML) and CSS and, if needed, copy the posts_loop_template.phpfile like you’ve done and edit as needed.

    Feel free to post a link if you need me to take a look.

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