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  • I think “typo3” has this feature. basically it checks the user’s browser language setting and will display the site in that language if available. if the language is not available the default language will be used. the user can at any time choose whichever langue he/she wants and store this setting in his/her preferences.
    this would be a nice feature for sites needing to publish in more than one language.
    of course it would also be nice to have some kind of workflow gui for this in the admin interface, e.g. author X posts article in english, queues it for publishing and tags “french” and “german” as “required translations before publishing”. the editors for that language then will find that article in their queue, can translate it and tick it off for publishing. once all publishing requirements are met the article goes up front.

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  • Interesting idea. Right now I am using regular categories to partially support what you describe. I posted about it before.
    I am thinking about integrating the code I alrady have to manage translation at my current site with the category languages and perhaps automatic detection of browser like you describe. I already do that for my email feedback page.
    Automatic detection is nice as long as the visitor has the choice to change the language choice. RIght now the only thing I can think of is providing manual links, otherwise the visitor’s browser must provide a way to easily change the language presented to a site (like Firefox does, with an extension), but most users won’t know/want to know how to use that.

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