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  • Hi. I am developing a directory of service providers that will also be a review site. Sort of like Yelp, but with a tighter focus on service providers (Think Doctors).
    I want to know if it is possible to somehow incorporate these reviews, which will be user generated (the Consumers of the services). The reason for these reviews is to provide a visual of the company’s rank/ratings relative to other providers of the same or similar service.
    It would be great if we could also sort the directory list according to the reviews while retaining the original search criteria (Location, service, etc).
    Is this possible with Connections?
    I realize I could search other directory style plugins that are made specifically for this use, but I already own connections and I really like many of the features it has, such as being able to show videos for a business.

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    Sorry; I hit send before I wanted to. I had another question related to this.
    If Connections does not have this built-in functionality, is there a rating plugin you would recommend that use I with connections which would help me to accomplish what I’m trying to do?
    Actually, I should explain exactly what I’m trying to do as that might be more helpful.

    I want my site to serve as both a directory of service providers/businesses and as a rating and review site. The reason being this particular market ALWAYS asks for a recommendation from others in the community before making a purchasing/use decision.

    The way my site is set up currently the two functions are separate. You could look at the reviews, but you cannot get to a provider through that plugin.

    Similarly, if you look at the directory you have to navigate away from the ratings/reviews function (plugin) in order to look for a particular company.

    It would be ideal if they could find a provider/business in the directory, see the overall rating and review next to the listing and if they (the consumer/buyer) wanted to, click on the ratings/review to get detailed information about the ratings and reviews the provider received from the buyer/consumers. And of course, the buyer/consumer could click through to the provider, email them etc.

    And as mentioned before the buyer/consumer should be able to sort the providers based on their rank/rating. I hope I am making sense, but if not please let me know where I can clarify and I’ll do my best to do it. Than you.


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